Yelp pays employees to travel for abortion


Welcome back to our Workplace newsletter. Today: Why technology companies are paying for employees who need to leave the country to have access to abortion, Google’s $ 9.5 billion investment in their data centers and offices, and other data on why your employees are at risk of flight.

– Michelle Ma, reporter (e-mail | twitter)

Yelp, Bumble and Apple now cover abortion travel

Welcome to the next week in this special reality, which we call the presence during which another variant of COVID it is making its way across the UK, and companies are once again facing stranger and more modern tasks, which, frankly, companies should not take on, and yet we are here.

I’m talking about Yelp announcing this week that it will join a number of other companies that have pledged to pay employees to travel outside the state to have access to abortions.

  • You are reading correctly: Yelp, Citigroup, Apple, Match Group and Bumble are expanding their abortion coverage.
  • Why are these companies doing this? In short, they are responding to a myriad of abortion laws in the United States, most notably the Texas law, which bans abortions after six weeks, which came into force on September 1. We remind you that this law works in a special way and encourages private individuals. citizens to sue anyone who “helps or supports” a prohibited abortion.
  • SF-based Yelp has more than 200 employees in Texas. The policy also applies to employees in future states who restrict access to reproductive health care, which is likely to become relevant when more states adopt anti-abortion legislation.
  • Other companies such as Uber and Lyft have announced that they will pay legal fees to drivers who drive at abortion clinics. Meanwhile, Yelp, Uber, Citigroup and Lyft have recently donated abortion legislation to conservative politicians and advocacy groups. as Jezebel points out.

All this raises the question: Is it and should it be the responsibility of technology companies to help employees with access to abortion? In general, we want to keep our personal lives separate from work, at least to some extent. Meanwhile, abortion is probably one of the most intense personal and private experiences in a person’s life.

  • So why is access to abortion something companies should take care of? Yelp Diversity chief Miriam Warren told WSJ: “When we talk about women’s career advancement, trying to diversify meeting rooms to have more women in them, and look at these constraints, they are absolutely interconnected in a way that I think is very harmful. “
  • In other words, access to abortion is a matter of equality in the workplace. If some groups of people do not have to worry about this and others do, it must be argued that companies are responsible for relieving workers who are unfairly affected by such legislation. This is especially true if those who should bear this responsibility fail, such as federal and local governments.
  • As cynical as it may sound, these policies are also a recruitment step. As the technical industry seeks talent across the board, not to mention under-represented female talent in a male-dominated field, policies like this make a huge difference. They are a clear signal of the company’s culture and priorities, which are sure to attract employees in growing technology centers such as Austin.

The implications for privacy are also worth considering. Should employees disclose something as personal as the need for an abortion to their human resources departments? Would they feel comfortable? How would companies ensure information security?

I remember a similar debate about abortion leave. Few organizations currently offer this type of vacation, but there is a growing consensus that it may not be realistic or humane to expect people to return to work immediately after something as physically and emotional as abortion. Companies are unlikely to be in a position to decide on personal and sensitive issues, such as employee abortions or abortions, but unless Health care plans are tied to our employmentthis may be necessary.

We will monitor how the wider technology industry responds to ongoing and future abortion legislation, as well as how other companies are considering shifting responsibility to their employees. If your company is trying a new policy on one of these fronts, let me know:

Google’s $ 9.5 billion investment

Google announced yesterday that it is spending billions of dollars on offices and data centers across the United States and hopes to open 12,000 new jobs this year. It may seem strange to expand as companies continue to work from home, but Google is not the only technology giant to expand its presence in the office. Here’s how Google wants to go:

  • Build existing offices and create new ones. New Google premises are being built in Atlanta, Austin and Portland, Oregon. It is also improving campuses in New York, Pittsburgh and elsewhere.
  • Invest in data centers. The company is spending part of its money to strengthen several data centers across the country, including those in Tennessee and Virginia.
  • Keep climate goals in mind. Google wants its branch office in Sunnyvale, California, to be certified by the International Living Future Institute.

Read the full story.

– Sarah Roach, journalist (e-mail | twitter)


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Today’s tips and tools

It’s never too late for zoom tips. I compiled eight useful ones already in October, but this week the online educator Tessa Davis they tweeted more. Here are my favorites:

  • Sharing a screen from your iPhone. Click “share screen”, “iPhone / iPad via AirPlay” and “share”. It will give you instructions on how to mirror your mobile phone screen. (Be careful with this if you use your iPhone as well write to your friend from work.)
  • Use shortcuts to quickly turn off the camera and microphone. On Macs, + shift + V turns off the video, while + shift + A turns off the microphone. In Windows alt + V turns off the camera and alt + A turns off the microphone.
  • Highlight part of the screen. After sharing the screen, you can click “annotate” to highlight specific sections. Click on the “spot light” and “arrow” to point to different parts of the screen. Or you can click on the “disappearing pen” and circle the text on the screen. You can also share only a specific part of the screen by clicking on “share screen”, “extended” and “part of the screen”.
  • Stand in front of your pictures. Click “share screen”, “advanced” and “slides as virtual background”. You can then select an image file from your computer and place your video first.

– Lizzy Lawrence, reporter (e-mail | twitter)

What’s behind the revolving door?

Execs who are still looking for an explanation for the Great Resignation are in luck. The grid just led and a new survey of 2,000 employees in the US and Europe and I found some interesting observations:

  • Goodbye for one year. Today’s workers no longer believe that short internships on a CV are undesirable, with 52% of employees in the United States working within three months wanting to leave and almost 60% of employees working for three to six months trying to do the same. .
  • One year is still a “danger zone”. The largest number of employees surveyed who said they were actively looking was in their seven-eleven-month position.
  • A large resignation can be accelerated. 74% of respondents are either actively looking for or opening up new opportunities in the next six months. That’s compared to 47% of this fall’s report.

Make moves

Intercom’s customer chat software company has appointed L. David Kingsley as its first HR director. Previously, Kingsley was the chief folk officer at Alteryx.


Employees value their daily work experience more than ever before. With TouchTunes Unlimited, your employees choose music and create an office atmosphere together. Leverage the power of social music to build a fun culture in the workplace and open up new possibilities for creative team-building interactions.

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