Why this mysterious trip to Norway should be on your list


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We live in a world where travel has become such a terrible task even for the most experienced travelers. From vaccination and quarantine requirements, PCR tests to health declaration forms, travel can be a challenge these days, even before you get to planning a real trip.

However, there are several countries that have recognized these tedious barriers and removed all entry restrictions for incoming tourists.

Among these countries is Norwaya breathtaking country in the north of Europe.

scenic view of mountains and lake in Norway

Norway is a beautiful and peaceful landscape that offers unique natural phenomena such as amazing fjords, long and rugged coastlines, magical aurora borealis and exotic midnight sun.

Norway is a dream place for every traveler in nature and adventure. A country that has so far been spared excessive tourism and huge crowds.

picturesque valley in Norway with lake and mountainspicturesque valley in Norway with lake and mountains

Norway is not only a beautiful place to visit, but it is also one of them the happiest countries in the world.

From February 12, 2022, you can travel to Norway without having to worry about anything other than having time in your life.

  • No testing.
  • No quarantine.
  • No registration.
  • No proof of vaccination.

Nowadays, planning a trip can be like starting another job, but it doesn’t have to be that complicated. Where is that Top Norway comes into action.

Up Norway is the number one curator in Norway, which aims to create a perfect match between travelers and Norway.

lake next to a mountain covered with snowlake next to a mountain covered with snow

Company protects you from frustrating internet searches and tedious travel logistics. Up Norway has created a system that manually adjusts your needs to everything Noway has to offer. No two passengers are the same, so why should their travel itinerary be?

They do this by presenting you with a short questionnaire to help them get to know you and determine what type of trip would suit you best.

traveler standing on top of a mountain traveler standing on top of a mountain

What trip are you looking for? A relaxing break? Family vacation? A luxurious refuge or perhaps an active adventure. These are all the options you can choose from.

He will then ask you when you would like to visit him, because every season has its appeal and charm.

Up Norway will then ask you what your specific interests are: food and drink, nature and wildlife, relaxation and wellness, history and local culture, or sightseeing tours.

You can even choose to be surprised by a tailor-made trip!

Other benefits include:

  • Cottages in the treetops in the dense forest Finnskogen.
  • Micro retreats into the wilderness.
  • Whale and bird watching.
  • Stories around the fire on a polar night.
  • Cruise through the majestic Hjørundfjord to the perfect ski resorts.
  • Finding food in the sea.
  • Hiking and rafting from the Samos town of Kautokeino through the Reisa National Park.
  • Visit the reindeer sanctuary.
  • A more.

After choosing your preferences for what you would like to do, you will be asked where you would like to stay, and then you will enter your contact details as well as your budget and whether you are traveling with children.

Overall, Up Norway takes the hardest part of traveling: planning, organizing, budgeting, researching and shifting this burden from you to their very capable team.

A team that knows what Norway is all about, a team that can create your dream itinerary because it knows Norway and knows what you are looking for.

Trolltunga, NorwayTrolltunga, Norway

With Up Norway, the traveler only has to pack his bags and dream of his magical experience, quite welcome the opposite of what travel has looked like for the last two years.

A surprise holiday can be a great way for travelers to break out of their daily routines and push their boundaries. Traveling is about what you don’t know. And sometimes a little help can bring a lot.

Easy routes to travel to Norway from the United States and Canada

If you don’t want to dive into a mysterious trip and prefer to plan everything solo, Norway is still a fantastic choice this year. Flights from the USA and Canada to Norway can still be found at super affordable prices.

  • Newark (EWR) – Oslo (OSL) = from August 16 to August 24 for a return trip for only $ 549.
  • Los Angeles (LAX) – Oslo (OSL) = from May 20 to 28 for only $ 768 back and forth.
  • Dallas (DFW) – Bergen (BGO) = from October 5 to 13 for a return trip for as little as $ 686.
  • Miami (MIA) – Bergen (BGO) = from November 9 to November 17 for a return trip for as little as $ 592.
  • Toronto (YYZ) – Oslo (OSL) = from June 15 to June 24 for a return trip for only $ 755.

If you are already planning to be in Europe, you can fly to Norway for less than $ 50 from many cities daily, thanks to the many low cost airlines operating in the area.

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