Why are the most skilled hockey leagues having skill problems?


The fallout from the Trevor Zegras-Jay Beagle-Tyson Nash blunder has rekindled the debate about what the NHL prioritizes to grow the game. The league is full of stars with skills never seen before, but old-fashioned spirit and unwritten rules still weigh heavily.

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Omar White: The NHL doesn’t make sense, and I feel you’re being punished for good things. As you know, it sounds very ridiculous. This is also because the star player has an approval contract and has won the best contract. But think about what happened in the Anaheim game. You know Anaheim is up 5-0. The game had 5 minutes left and the game had 5 minutes left. It’s not like 12 seconds or anything. It’s like 5 minutes.

There are players in Trevor and Trevase Glass. All skills of the team doing nothing this season, young players. There is nothing this season. So I’m just trying to do his best. And you have to deal with this ridiculous trash. Because they are trying to improve their skills and compete in the game.

And it’s just like a double standard. Because, again, I admire players like Brendan Gallagher. Like Brad Morrison, like Zack Heyman, who lives in the creases and always tries to fill those second and third opportunities. But, well, well, now, now, now, is it bad because he scored a lacrosse goal? So I don’t like the emotions-we tell people almost shouldn’t try.

Again, like me, like Leafs fans, I’ve seen the team come back when given the opportunity. I do not know-

Julian Mackenzie: He, he knows-

―――― I know directly. I’ve seen it many times. So I don’t understand the feeling that they are trying to score higher and run up the scoreboard, ah, ah, ah. So what? Isn’t it about sports? Isn’t that a competitive aspect? We admire the players for being competitive, and when they do what they do, they are, oh, oh, they too, they are too many, and all these young players these days. Say that. It doesn’t make any sense.

Also, if you don’t want players like Trevasegrass or Andreis Bechnikov to score lacrosse goals, stop them. Just get better. So I hate it, oh, I hate the whole thing, as other teams shouldn’t because we can’t do that. It doesn’t make sense. I don’t know in baseball, but I get angry when I turn the bat over after hitting a home run. I don’t know in basketball-

Julian Mackenzie: Oops, Oops, Oops, Oops, Omar. Oops, it’s against the rules, so don’t flip anything here.

―――― Like me, I don’t understand it. This is why hockey is so boring. This is why hockey is boring. Because when players do cool things, they are told not to do so. It doesn’t make sense. Trevor and Trevor Zegras blindfolded and scored a goal, but he didn’t win Flickin’s skill competition. Things to leave.

―――― That’s a completely different thing.

―――― So I hate it. I hate it. It doesn’t make sense, it’s stupid, it’s stupid. Let the player do well. If you don’t want the player to do that, you’d better stop the player. You don’t have to hit a guy on the face just because you’re better than you. Imagine. I’m sorry.

Julian Mackenzie: It was classic.

Samurai: Yeah, it was perfect. It’s hard to add to it because Omar nailed it. So it’s hard to think of a professional sports league that hates skill and fun more than the NHL.I do not understand

―――― We are swallowing it hot. Hot dogging when Tyson Nash tried to clarify. You should use what he revealed. The term he used to describe. Hot dogging, he didn’t like hot dogging.

―――― Yes, he probably said that if he was playing with Zegras now, the only thing Tyson Nash could do would be to hit his face. Like if he could catch him. I’m sorry, he said that because his entire career couldn’t do anything close to what Zegras is doing this season, and the analysis was ridiculous.

Oh, if you’re going to improve it, get ready to be hit in the face. This seems to be the most skilled hockey league in the world. Do you tell me that if you are going to be a skilled player in the most skilled league, you should expect to be hit in the face? It’s some of the worst color commentators I’ve ever heard. But that didn’t make sense.

He doubled it, and it’s just that it’s weird. For example, do you want to market the skills of young players? Or do you want all of them to be beaten in the face, have a CTE, and have a boring trop hockey lottery in the game? For example, what’s happening here?

Omar White: Shane Wright–

Justin Cuthbert: We apologize for the inconvenience.

―――― Shane Wright is drafted-Shane Wright is drafted, hey, what do you know? I’m really looking forward to a long career of being hit in the face by being better than anyone else.

―――― The first game, Connor Bedard, has achieved a great goal. Yes, wait until Connor Bedard comes in. It’s as if I’m really happy to be hit in the face for the next 15 years wearing this sweater.

―――― can not believe it.

Justin Cuthbert: The apology got worse. Because more insight into what he was thinking, and the fact that he was between the benches, tried to reveal what happened. And that’s what Trevor Zegras enjoyed what he did, so that rope, the proper rope at the moment, was to hit someone because of the fact that the player enjoyed great things. .. So this reminds me that probably everyone was in this position.

On-campus sports, minor leagues, any sport. If one team is better than the other and the other team isn’t, they can’t do anything about it, so they’re really angry. This is exactly that. It’s just upset because inferior franchises, inferior players, and inferior broadcasters aren’t enough at the moment. That was all. And everyone saw it, and everyone can see it.

―――― It was interesting. Anaheim, I think their wins broke like a streak of 10 games without wins. Like, they smoked. Similarly, they are now out of the entire playoffs.

―――― I guess [INAUDIBLE] leave. Pack it and leave.

―――― He said I was done with this, Fam. As I have seen enough.

Omar White: Wow, like Lett, let Flickin’s team win Flickin. It’s very sick. And they even said, oh, they were grinning on the bench. So what is a freak, a man?

―――― so what?

―――― so what?

Julian Mackenzie: I was on both sides, as if this was an in-wall sport, ok, you’re on a team, doing exaggerated things, and people like that little thing Makes you angry. Y’all is a professional.

Samurai: He has been paid $ 3 million in a contract given to him by Jim Benning.

―――― And he’s not worth the money, but he’s making it anyway. All he had to do was run out of strings in 10 games and earn the remaining $ 3 million. So next year will not come. I don’t think he proved to anyone that he was a tough guy, unquoted, because all he did was beat someone he didn’t want to be there. This is the end of Jay Beagle’s journey. Now all of us can remember him. This is also quite disappointing.

Julian Mackenzie: Yes.

Omar White: You can also pretend, but can you pretend that the code doesn’t exist? People who are still fighting each other, like fighters and people, talk about codes and things, as they are talking about. Yeah, sure, oh, can I like it 100%? Yeah, yeah, there’s a code. Yeah, I’m going to defeat the guy who literally doesn’t even drop his tiny gloves, and then like. Yeah, yes, it’s very tough.

Like now. And yes, I have never played a game. I have never approached anywhere. I wouldn’t like it because I can’t finally stop on skates, I don’t like to criticize it. But it’s just stupid. They are better than you, so it’s very stupid to get angry and angry with others.

Samurai: Yeah, the code, the number of people you like, it’s the unwritten rule that you don’t do this. OK, but you know that more important is the written rules. It means that the team that gets more goals wins, so keep scoring goals.

―――― Yes. They stand in front of the net, like a shadow box in front of the net. And it raises the score like no one.

―――― Omar, can you repeat that line about people who are discussing with others who are better than you? I want to make sure it is correct. Can you repeat it again? Repeat that line.

―――― Yeah, as you know, as I understand, as you know, as I have never played the game professionally. I can’t, I can’t stop on skates, but there is a layer of players, like people like professional sports. There are players who are better than you. So you can’t get angry and angry just because someone is better than you. And that doesn’t make sense.

―――― For those who rode Jennifer Botelil, we discussed why we were fighting with those who just had cookie crumbs at home and said she couldn’t give an opinion. Please stop there. She was clearly better than them, and when she went on a hockey night in Canada to discuss with Kevin Beaksa, they felt the need to blame her violently.

That line works in the Trevor Zegras scenario, and beyond that, in subsequent discussions. People who go to Bottelli’s head for some reason are absolutely ridiculous. And I mean that. They have cookie crumbs in their stomachs at home, wear undershirts, and freeze on the couch. I’m not going to put body-shaming people out here just because they look fat, as lean people can also have stupid opinions.

But in essence, it could be something you don’t know about the game, basically you don’t know, it’s basically just a fool. In a subsequent discourse, Hockey Night in Canada surrounding Jennifer Boteril, it’s absolutely ridiculous. I also have to give Sam the props. Because she obviously isn’t fooling people because of their opinions about this kind of thing. But of course Sam had to do-

―――― Don’t miss it. Don’t miss it. Never, never. I never have.

―――― I never have. I never have. Never lost. But thank you for embarrassing people like that.

Samurai: OK, there was one point. Some people said she wasn’t a good analyst just because she won all these awards and was good at hockey. I was, ok, what do you know? That’s actually fair, but Tyson Nash isn’t as good as a hockey player as Jennifer Bottellil, unless he points out that for all other stations like Tyson Nash. did. You are criticizing her for that.

Because unless you’re doing it to each and every one, and you’re not, hey, Don Cherry hasn’t played in the NHL, maybe he didn’t have a leg to stand on. .. Then I don’t want to hear it. If she is the only person like you, she cannot make her a good analyst just because she played hockey. Yes, that’s fair, but only if it applies to all other analysts.

And, well, the number of people who didn’t know anything about men’s games because she played women’s hockey. As we do, we don’t have time to talk to John Cooper about having been practicing the law for years. He coached Tampa Bay Lightning in two cups and then came back to me.

―――― Yes.

―――― I’m going to clean up the bread crumbs. I’m going to clean up the bread crumbs.

―――― Go clean up the damn crumbs.

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