What to know about the 2022 primary election in Pennsylvania


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May 17, 2022 is the Pennsylvania primary.

Pennsylvania is a state where the primaries are closed. This means you must be registered in PA as a Democrat or Republican to vote for candidates in the 2022 spring primary. All registered voters in Center County may vote on a constitutional amendment, voting issue, or other referendum in the primary, as long as it is listed on the area code. There will be none in the spring 2022 area code. Only voters registered as Republicans or Democrats can vote for their party’s candidates in this election.

Monday May 2nd is the deadline for registering or changing your voter registration. Your entry must be received by the electoral office by 5:00 p.m. on the same day. Check your registration status, register or change your registration (name, address or party affiliation) at CentreCountyVotes.gov. Don’t wait until the last minute to register or make changes to your registration; We encourage you to do it now! Contact the Center County Elections Office if you need assistance, have questions, or would like to request a paper form at 814-355-6703.

Tuesday, 10th of May, is the last day to apply for postal voting Either by absentee ballot or absentee ballot. The completed applications must be received by the electoral office by 5:00 p.m. on the same day. Don’t wait until the last minute; do it now! You can apply online at CentreCountyVotes.gov, download an application to return by mail, or contact the elections office at 814-355-6703 to request a voting application.

Tuesday May 17th is the area code. Postal voting documents must be received by the electoral office by 8:00 p.m. (the date of the postmark does not count). Polling stations are open from 7 a.m. to 8 p.m. for in-person voting. Visit the elections office’s website, CentreCountyVotes.gov, for up-to-date information, and visit VOTE411.org to view and personalize your sample ballot in preparation for voting.

For the 2022 primary, your ballot will include your party’s candidates for the following offices:

  • Candidates for the US Senate
  • US House of Representatives candidates (Note: District 15 now includes all of Center County)
  • PA governor
  • Lieutenant Governor of the PA
  • PA State House Districts 77, 82 and 171

Where to find bipartisan candidate information: The League of Women Voters of Center County (LWVCC) Voter Guide will be released in print the first week of May through the civic generosity of the Center Daily Times and Center County Gazette. In its own words, the guide provides answers to questions that are important to all voters. It is also an important tool to help you understand a candidate’s positions compared to the other candidates in this competition. All candidates who appeared on the ballot were invited to participate. Those who refuse to participate will be noted. The guide will also be available online at www.lwvcentrecounty.org. In addition, the LWVCC site will provide a link to the C-NET candidate interviews.

When our country was founded and our constitution was adopted, our founders counted on every eligible voter eagerly choosing those who would represent their views in government. Elections give voters an opportunity to hold these elected officials accountable for passing laws that benefit the country, states, and communities. Voting is the cornerstone of our democracy. So when we vote, we voters decide who represents our views and protects our country and people and who, we, the people, decide not. LWVCC encourages voters to champion their government by voting in every election they are eligible to vote in, increasing voter turnout and thereby increasing participation in our democracy. Don’t just be a political spectator. Show your support for your democracy. Make your voice heard by voting for the candidates of your choice!

The nonpartisan League of Women Voters of Center County has additional resources at LWVCentreCounty.org, including Voter’s Guides and Voter’s Toolkit. We urge you to review your registration, research candidates and issues, and vote!

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