What Player Archetypes Should the Milwaukee Bucks Target in 2022 Draft?

As we approach the NBA draft, fans and media will debate endlessly about the potential and value of certain prospects over others. The reality, however, is that many draft wins are down to sheer luck and are extremely dependent on external factors such as personality, fitness, or injuries. Therefore, when discussing who the Milwaukee Bucks should draft, it can help to focus more on player archetypes and wider shots rather than guessing at how individuals fit into a team’s culture.

The Milwaukee Bucks have the 24th pick in the first round of the 2022 NBA Draft on June 23. Which player type should you choose?

For purposes of this article, player archetypes resemble a style and role that a player would fit into in the modern NBA. Some examples are a small-ball four or a 3-and-D wing. Players often fall into several different archetypes, but having these particular abilities can add immense value to a team.

This also gives me a good amount of plausible denial for if the people I’ve suggested turn out to be busts. Instead of arguing for one guy, why not cast a wider net and increase the odds that I’m right about at least one of them?

Seriously, draft picks are essentially a lottery ticket, and I mostly believe that pre-draft projections are relatively pointless for people outside of the early lottery. With that in mind, in the coming slides I’ll make the case for a few different player archetypes that I feel the Bucks are missing from their current roster. The players I list that fall into these archetypes do not include probable lottery picks, but may include players who may not fall to 24.

The order of the slides is arranged as needed, with the first slide being the most needed archetype.

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