Prince would go on to incorporate the Foo Fighters song "Best of You" into his legendary Super Bowl halftime performance in 2007, a move the band members thought may have been retaliatory. 

Queen (1991): Freddie Mercury's subsequent death, and the realization that this would be his last album, worked to give 'Innuendo' a contextual sadness. 

Neil Young (1990): Young's rawest, most primal album since 'Tonight's the Night' is a loose, free-form jam with his old buddies Crazy Horse.

Pearl Jam (1991): On their debut album, Pearl Jam combined punk-rock rage with classic-rock chops, and somehow ended up shaping rock radio for the next two decades. 

Megadeth (1990): A reshuffling lineup and a canceled tour didn't exactly point to great things. But Megadeth not only soldiered on, they burst into the mainstream with the addition of two new members.