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Waterford’s baserunner Kari Carney, right, reacts after being labeled in a forceful game by Warren’s Olivia Congleton during the Warriors’ 5-4 win at Warren High School. (Photo by Kerry Patrick)

VINCENT – Three softball teams can easily reflect and think for a moment ‘as if’ that would have resulted in two wins in as many matches.

Instead, Warren, Waterford and Parkersburg South each came out with a 1-1 record during their round format Saturday at Warren High School.

of “Larkojeni cancer” the event was dedicated to the memory of Warren High School graduate in 2003 and former Warrior High School softball coach Jill Gates, who died on March 21st.

In the first of three university games scheduled, Waterford walked away from Parkersburg South 5-3 after four innings, then picked up a fifth with three runs and broke a 6-6 draw with two runs with two exits to the top. of the sixth tournament after Cara Taylor. RBI also tripled Laykyn Jones’s single, which scored.

Leading 8-7, Waterford’s Kari Carney maintained the victory by scoring goalless in the seventh half. With one out and one runner in the first base, Taylor secured the game’s defensive gem after chasing a flying ball into the deep center field and making the catch as he stumbled into her backside.

Waterford returned for the second game of the day – this time with Warren as the opponent.

After Taylor scored on a wild field in the first half of Waterford’s first game, Warren responded in the first game of the match when Samantha Brown scored on a double error by Wildcat. The two sides continued to exchange races with Taylor’s second song, bringing Katie Lowe home to tournament no. 2, while Karlee Lynch followed suit with a two-result singles, in Warren’s third race.

Back and forth he continued as Taylor stepped in again with a two-out kick that resulted in a Waterford 3-2 lead. Warren kept pace in the fifth when Ella McFarland’s single allowed Kenzie Nelson to score from the third base.

Fielding took second place for both teams in the sixth row after four errors were made – two on each side. As a key player in the sixth half of Wildcat game, Lowe came off safe on a field goal and scored Waterford’s last performance of the game.

Warren bounced back 4-3 in the final half of the sixth game. Olivia Congleton and Aiyana Hancock led offside with one shot and the Warriors took advantage of a foul shot and another shot.

Looking for victory in the mound, Nelson escaped the Waterford runners in second and third base with one off pushing off the ground and recording her eighth shot for the off-final.

In addition to the sixth game, Waterford is watching 2-0 as it leaves Warren High School campus. Instead, the Wildcats hold a 0,500 record at 6-6.

“We have not lost with any sluts this season.” said Waterford coach Doug Baldwin. “So the games we lost were good competition. “We are getting better – we are getting more and more hits in the lineup.”

In the third and final game of the event, the shot from Warren’s starter, Aiyana Hancock, was just fucking for almost a five-time stretch. After allowing the first two runs, Hancock pulled 14 kicks south in a row, including eight on kicks.

Both teams got stuck in 2 after Warren scored a run in the first tournament when LaDea Waderker made a loaded walk to the base and Lynch’s field goal took McFarland home in the second row.

South finally settled Hancock with a two-out rally in fifth row. Becca Beatty walked, stole second and scored in the Taylor Lamp duo. The Patriots made three more runs in the sixth row. Kara Snyder and Shawnee Eddy opened up to each other and finally scored. Alicia Lemus was praised with an RBI song.

After the count went 3-0 after doubling the fifth game, Warren coach Katie Dickson made a brief but effective visit to mind. Whatever was communicated worked because Hancock recorded one of her 12 hits.

“I’m very good at knowing what she’m thinking – I needed to know what was going on in her head.” said Dixon. “She shook my head and I said, ‘OK, we got this.’ It was a regrouping and putting us on the same page and the fields it threw. ”

Lamp started for South and coach Tim Burch slapped him for a few times but stayed with his inner sense and kept the youngster in the mound for the full effort of the game despite facing constant traffic on the basic trails. Lamp, who posted just one perfect line, walked five and hit four.

Warren closed the day 6-5, while South went 9-8.

“I was only planning (Llama) for three to four innings – she has not played that much this year at all.” tha Burch. “This is the most she has done throughout the year. But I’m one of those coaches, you go until you go. Llamba hit the ball well and hit well, and kept us in the game. “

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