Very high travel demand is back, but are airports and airlines ready?


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As the world re-emerges after 2 years of pandemic blockades and many people across the country are finally ready to travel again, airlines around the world are struggling to cope with the unprecedented demand they are experiencing.

Eager travelers have been locked up for over 2 years and are just longing for another summer vacation.

People are undeniably willing and able to fly to such an extent that airport staff and airlines find it difficult to keep up.

long line at the airport.

This was announced by Delta Air Lines CEO Ed Bastian March 2022 was the carrier ‘s best month of sales in its history. Airlines across the country fly in record numbers, and airports experience unbearably long waiting times for passengers.

The aviation industry has certainly experienced the worst shocks due to COVID, no other industry has had to face such financial damage, restrictions and changes in the last 2 years.

Trying to resuscitate the aviation industry from such difficulties is time consuming, because at the heart of all the problems that airlines face is a lack of staff.

very busy airport terminal.very busy airport terminal.

Workforce is the heart of every air traffic.

Yes, the shortage of planes has caused airlines virtually entire flights this year and limited traffic on other routes, but the lack of staff at airlines and airports is the real culprit, causing potentially chaotic travel.

Without proper staffing, airlines are falling under growing demand, and this is exactly what is happening today and will most likely happen this summer as well.

an American Airlines plane at the airport gate next to luggage American Airlines plane at the airport gate next to luggage carts.

Between strenuous inspections and lengthy training, it can take months to recruit airline staff.

The result: a recipe for disaster, when demand for air travel is back and airlines simply cannot meet such demand.

The question that passengers will now have to ask themselves is:

“How can I get on this messy travel flight?”

airport check-in in a rowairport check-in in a row

Travelers cannot control staff and aircraft shortages, but they can control how they prepare for the journey.

One of the easiest ways to make your life a lot easier this year is to present your travel documents on time!

Many airlines will allow you to check in 24 hours before departure if you can provide them with travel documentation. This will include your proof of vaccination as well as a negative test for Covid.

Some airlines allow you to send documents for verification directly to them, but there is an application called VeriFly which is working with several airlines on this issue.

Using the VeriFly App is a great way for passengers to avoid long lines at the airport.

VeriFly is a secure and free digital health application developed for airlines that allows users to record vaccination and test records and undergo pre-boarding medical examinations before they reach the airport.

American Airlines, Alaska, Iberia and British Airways There are several carriers that, along with other One-world carriers, use it to streamline the documentation process that passengers need to check in their flights.

Masked passengers waiting in line at the airport terminalMasked passengers waiting in line at the airport terminal

After successfully verifying your documentation using the application, you will be able to check in at the airport on a separate VeriFly passenger route. This makes the whole process much easier and faster.

Consider registering for Global Entry

A great way to save time at the airport and avoid advice is to register for the Global entry. A program of trusted travelers in the USA, which will allow you to enter the country quickly and efficiently. The big advantage of this program is that you also get a TSA PreCheck.

Another option is CLEAR, an accelerated way to enter security lanes at many large airportsincluding Phoenix, Los Angeles, Atlanta, New York, Denver and many more. Although it is a paid service, for frequent travelers this could make a huge difference in minimizing travel problems.

Book direct flights

It can be tempting to book a multi-stop flight to save a few dollars. However, this travel season, consider booking another trip with as few stops as possible. The fewer flights you travel to your destination, the less likely you are to delay or cancel.

masked man on the phone checks for updates.masked man on the phone checks for updates.
Bottom line:

No matter where you go this summer, expect longer advice and waiting times. However, if you want this travel season to be as painless as possible, plan ahead, put all the ducks in a row before the trip, and make sure you have registered with the Global Entry (TSA PreCheck).

Use the VeriFly application and make your life easier by sending all your travel documents on time.


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