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A group of parents and teachers opposing the request for vaccination of Los Angeles Unified School’s staff for COVID-19 gathered outside the district headquarters on Friday, April 15, to demand that officials remove the mandate and allow unvaccinated employees to return to campus to help address staff shortages.

The press conference came in response to LA School Report Report coverage of LAUSD Superintendent Alberto Carvalho’s plan to reassign 400 administrators or other district employees to classrooms to fill teacher vacancies.

Carvalho’s reported plan is particularly troubling for some former and current employees who refused to take COVID-19 shots earlier this school year and were fired, laid off or reassigned to teach. in the LA Unified online independent study program. At least 600 employees have been laid off to date, although it is unclear how many teachers were in the classroom.

Francis Calderon, who previously taught special education students at preschool at Willow Elementary in South Gate, said the drop-off to teach in the district’s online program has made him feel “humiliated.” Employees are increasingly expected to perform clerical duties and paperwork after class only three hours a day, she said.

“It’s not a real teaching job,” Calderon said of her current assignment.

“We are teachers. We are not secretaries,” she said, noting that “you have teachers who want to come back and teach in person.

The problem of state teacher shortages dates back to before the pandemic. But due to burns and other issues, this situation has only gotten worse.

Those who gathered outside LAUSD headquarters on Friday expressed disappointment that district officials would rather eavesdrop on administrators – who they say may not be interested or have not taught for years – than unvaccinated teachers. who were forced to leave and can’t wait to stand in front of the students once again.

“I miss my students. “I miss my students,” said Tom Farley, who taught at Sutter High School in the San Fernando Valley. The former US Marine said it was his and others’ choice not to be vaccinated and that those who were vaccinated should “have faith in your vaccine. Do not be afraid.”

About 25 adults, plus their children, attended the event organized by two groups, the Los Angeles Educators & Parents United and the California Educators for Medical Freedom. The latter has sued the district for the vaccine mandate.

Carvalho did not immediately respond to a request for comment after the groups’ press conference. The district is on spring break this week.

However, school board member Tanya Ortiz Franklin said that instead of a formal “reassignment” of staff members as teachers, the district may require a “temporary placement” to deal with the staffing crisis, similar to the way how it handled the 2019 teachers strike and the rise of the Omicron variant that forced many workers to stay home in January.

She said the number of employees that can be assigned to classes could be less than 400.

“The advantage of strong and sustainable classroom learning is the right measure and the effectiveness of this approach will depend very much on how it is communicated to staff and implemented,” she said. “Everyone wants to do what is best for students – that’s why we’re in public education – but there are likely to be some emotions, questions and concerns that need to be addressed.”

Ortiz Franklin said she did not think staff changes would happen until Monday when students return from spring break, as assigned classroom staff need time to draft lesson plans. But she predicted that the supervisor “will act swiftly, especially as I and others have consistently advocated for a better staffing solution for children”.

The teachers’ union said this week that it had not been notified by the district that any of its members would be affected. In addition to teachers, United Teachers Los Angeles represents counselors, librarians, nurses, and other certified staff.

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