Two-minute drill, red zone will be emphasized during mandatory minicamp

Before the Avalanche open the Stanley Cup Finals, the Broncos will conclude their two-month offseason program with a mandatory mini-camp Monday through Wednesday.

The guidelines for this week: Time on the field is a maximum of 3 1/2 hours per day, however any practice session cannot exceed 2 1/2 hours and daily time on the facility cannot exceed 10 hours per day. The drills aren’t padded, but do involve 11-on-11 work.

Coach Nathaniel Hackett’s goal for minicamp is to focus on game situations.

“We will try to deal with all situations during this time, from two minutes to being in the red zone to being third behind,” he said. “Right now all our facilities are up, so all offense, all defense and all special teams are up.

“All of these practices are about checking, understanding and detailing things.”

Since players received the entire playbook, Hackett said one purpose of the minicamp will allow the Broncos to “really analyze every game and what we’re trying to accomplish.”

Wilson ranks seventh. NBC Sports analyst Chris Simms always does a thorough job in his annual quarterback rankings, and he ranked the Broncos’ Russell Wilson seventh last week, ahead of Tom Brady, Dak Prescott and Lamar Jackson (Nos. 8-10 ) and Derek Carr (No. 11).

Simms’ analysis of Wilson: “Still one of the best big-play quarterbacks in the NFL. He still has playmaker skills to climb. Every team thinks they can win if they have Russell Wilson at quarterback. But he can be too conservative. I think Nathaniel Hackett will find more ways to give him easy finishes in midfield. (Last year, Wilson) has lost control of football more than in years past. He’s still great, but he seeks the one-on-one game and avoids the schematic game a bit too much.”

Old friends Teddy Bridgewater (Miami) and Drew Lock (Seattle) finished 38th and 40th out of 40 quarterbacks, respectively.

Simms will reveal numbers 1-4 this week.

Surtain’s progress. Cornerback Pat Surtain II sophomore said he intercepted two passes during OTAs. He deserved praise from everyone who asked about him.

“I embrace (that) very much,” he said. “Hearing it from people who’ve done it before me – it’s very exciting to hear that. It also gives me a bit of confidence because I know they trust me and look at me like that. Always a great feeling.”

DJ Jones a spectator. During the three OTAs open to the media, new defense attorney DJ Jones did not attend. But his new teammates know what to expect when the regular season kicks off in Seattle on September 12.

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