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Buying travel insurance should be part of your travel preparations to travel to Portugal, whether you are surfing the Peniche, hiking, kayaking or skiing in the Serra da Estrela, exploring the historic architecture of Lisbon, soaking up the Comporta beach or wandering the countryside. wines.

A comprehensive travel insurance plan provides coverage for travel cancellations, travel delays and travel interruptions. It also covers the cost of medical expenses and emergency evacuation and for lost, delayed or stolen luggage.

It is best to buy a travel insurance plan shortly after making the first deposit.

Here is what your travel insurance plan should cover for a holiday to Portugal to ensure protection against unforeseen events that may occur before or during your trip.

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Cancellation insurance for Portugal

If you have to cancel your dream trip to Portugal due to an emergency and you have travel insurance, you can open a bottle of port wine and find solace in the knowledge that you will get some of your money back by applying for a trip cancellation. .

Let’s say you arranged for your brother and sister-in-law to guard your three children while you and your husband travel to Lisbon to celebrate your 15th anniversary. Your brother will have a heart attack a few days before you leave, so you have to cancel it.

Part of your travel cancellation insurance plan would cover you by reimbursing 100% of what you lose on prepaid, forfeited and non-refundable costs. It pays off if you cancel due to unforeseen events. This includes death, illness, or injury to you, your traveling companion, or your immediate family member.

So, if you paid for a day trip to Madeira Island to enjoy the beaches and explore the volcanic peaks, they would be refunded if it was a non-refundable expense.

Standard travel cancellation plans have limitations. You will not be covered if you simply change your mind. For example, if your son were honored at dinner by his boss and you cancel your trip so you can attend, you will not be able to file a complaint.

“Cancel travel insurance for any reason”.

If you want the highest level of flexibility to cancel your trip and get a refund, it makes sense to buy a policy that will allow you to upgrade your travel insurance plan with “cancel for any reason” coverage. Doing so will increase the price of your insurance contract by an average of 50%. This coverage allows you to cancel for reasons not listed in the standard policy, which may include:

  • Fear of traveling
  • Lack of ideal weather at the destination
  • Conflicting plans
  • Just because you changed your mind

You must cancel at least 48 hours before your scheduled departure and you will generally receive 50% or 75% non-refundable money for the trip you missed.

Travel delays on the route to Portugal

Adverse weather, mechanical problems with the aircraft and other circumstances beyond your control may cause your flight to be canceled or delayed, making you look at the airport departure board in horror. Delayed travel insurance can help you by paying for hotels, meals, transportation and personal needs.

Travel delay insurance is usually included in the comprehensive travel insurance plan.

Let’s say you wanted to save money, so you decided to make a stopover from Boston to Lisbon with a transfer in Zurich. Your flight to Zurich is canceled due to a computer failure that shuts down air traffic control systems. Your travel insurance plan may reimburse you for expenses incurred during the delay. There is usually a waiting time of six hours or more before your benefits begin. Remember to read your rules to understand the coverage rules.

Travel delay insurance is also beneficial if you visit several countries during your holiday in Europe. If you miss a flight from Porto to Brussels due to an accident and the roads to the airport are closed, you can request a refund.

“Efforts of small trips may become more frequent than you think, but fortunately you can return to the right trip with the delay of the trip, knowing that you can apply for a possible reimbursement up to the amount of benefits specified in your contract. Just remember to keep your receipts for all unexpected events, ”says Lisa Cheng, a spokeswoman for World Nomads, a travel insurance company.

The benefits of travel delays also cover prepaid activities and events that you miss because you arrive late at your destination. If you have paid in advance for transportation to Alqueva, one of the world’s only certified star-watching tourist destinations, on a cosmic evening under the Milky Way, you can apply.

Road interruption coverage

If you are on a tour of the history of Lisbon and you admire Torre de Belém, you are called to say that your mother has died, you would like to shorten your trip and return home. Your benefits would cover a last-minute economy ticket home and an airport shuttle.

Disruption benefits could also make up for any prepaid experiences you would lose. If you paid in advance for a river boat ride to see the six bridges that span the Douro River, you would be compensated.

Travel health insurance for travel to Portugal

Portugal is a relatively small country, about the size of Indiana, so you can pack up for a two-week vacation as you get there quickly.

“If you’re looking for a combination of culture and adventure, Portugal is a good place to go, with historic towns, rugged coastlines, volcanic islands and scenic beaches – all within easy reach,” says Cheng of World Nomads.

One more reason why you should have generous travel health insurance. He can pay for ambulances, doctors, hospital and operating room bills, X-rays, laboratory tests and medicines. Cheng says travel health insurance can help prevent your medical bills from getting out of hand.

It is always wise to purchase a travel insurance plan with medical expenses and emergency medical evacuation coverage for any international trip. This is because your own health plan may not have great coverage outside the US. Be sure to check with your health insurance company to find out what global coverage is available. And Medicare is not accepted in Portugal.

“Support comes not only in the form of reimbursement of medical care, but the emergency aid company can also help on the spot, whether it is the logistics of transport to the hospital, communication with a non-English speaking pharmacist about your prescriptions or the transfer of your medicines. medical records, ”says Cheng.

Emergency medical evacuation during a trip to Portugal

If you are traveling in the Azores, a two-hour flight from Lisbon, and have a seizure, your travel insurance company can coordinate an air ambulance that will take you to a medical facility where you will be treated.

Without cover, you could be on the hook for thousands of dollars for a medevac. The nominal cost of the travel insurance plan provides a safety net for international destinations.

You can find plans with $ 1 million for emergency medical evacuation coverage, but you can buy less if you feel you don’t need that much. It makes sense to ask your travel insurance agent what the estimated costs of medevac services are in the destinations you visit.

Baggage loss insurance

Portugal is a relatively safe country, but you should always follow safety precautions when traveling. The best advice is not to attract attention as a tourist. Do not wear expensive jewelry, do not move cash and do not tell strangers about your travel plans.

“As in many countries, bag picking and pickpocketing can be a problem in areas that are often visited by travelers,” says Cheng.

He says you should be especially careful when driving on popular tram lines in Lisbon, such as the one that leads to São Jorge Castle.

If they steal your backpack, your travel insurance plan can help you reimburse the stolen items up to the amount stated in your contract.

“Be prepared to provide proof of ownership and a report from the police or other local authority where the theft occurred,” said Cheng of World Nomads.

The benefits of losing or delaying luggage under a comprehensive travel insurance plan can also help you if your luggage is wandering. You will receive compensation up to the limits of your policy. There is usually a total maximum payout and the payout per item is limited to a certain amount.

Be aware that they will be refunded based on the reduced value of your suitcases and items, which means that it will be less than you would need to purchase a new replacement. You may need to apply for homeowner’s insurance before your travel insurance plan will be compensated.

Traveling to Portugal during a pandemic

It is prudent to check the embassy website or ask your travel agent about the status of travel restrictions related to Covid in your destination. Portugal shall allow passengers in the country who provide a negative test for Covid at least 72 hours before boarding or, in the case of a negative rapid test, within 48 hours of boarding. You must also complete and passenger locator map.

Some travel insurance plans include Covid-related medical expenses and cancellations under standard coverage, but not all. If you are traveling abroad, it is prudent to purchase a plan that covers Covid-related expenses. The best pandemic travel insurance will also provide you with “cancellation for any reason” insurance to give you the best possible flexibility.

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