Trade proposal brings Marcus Morris back to Cs

It hasn’t been long since the off-season started for the Boston Celtics, but rumors are already swirling about which players could be brought on board to bridge the gap between the Cs and a certain “championship material” threshold that their performance in the 2022 NBA Finals proved they haven’t arrived yet.

Various heartbroken Celtics fans have suggested names ranging from Jordan Clarkson – who could be available to Boston PBO’s Brad Stevens because of his past connection to Jazz front office manager and longtime Cs GM Danny Ainge – to the former NBA Champion roleplayer Kyle Kuzma, who is now an ill-fitting play for the young forward-heavy Wizards.

Another interesting name linked to the team this offseason — one familiar to Boston Celtics fans who have followed Kyrie Irving’s failed era closely — is that of Los Angeles Clippers forward Marcus Morris .

According to HoopsHype’s Yossi Gozlan, the Cs could be looking at a return for the former combo forward, who has started in 74 games in his two years under former head coach/current front office boss Brad Stevens:

“Some players they could pursue with their trade exemptions are ex-Celtic Marcus Morris. The Celtics have all their future first-round picks up their sleeve and they’ve shown their willingness to trade them as they’ve traded one for Horford and another for White since Stevens took over.

What the Boston Celtics could give up in a trade with Marcus Morris

Ideally, the Celtics could snap Morris alone for a future election and call it a day. Unfortunately, the Clippers will certainly not give up the lottery win that easily. In turn, as a team two games away from the 2021 NBA Finals, LA would need a win-now asset to continue their quest for a first banner in franchise history.

The best pay piece the Clippers would consider is Derrick White, but that would be (at best) a fling for the Celtics. White would likely be included in a deal for a star, if any, not a role player five years his senior.

Assuming Stevens didn’t factor in his star acquisition during the trading deadline last February, this could be a more realistic offer for Morris:

Get Celtics

Mark Morris

Get hair clipper

Daniel Theis

Aaron Nesmith

Malik Fitts

Nik Stauskas, 2024 Boston Celtics first-round pick

Why the Boston Celtics do it

It’s now or never for Celtic’s President of Basketball Operations Brad Stevens with this current core. This off-season is referenced when these Cs don’t end up raising a banner together and Jaylen Brown and/or Jayson Tatum eventually leaves town.

With that in mind, giving up a draft pick for a player who fits so well into his first round with the franchise is the best way to ensure the “Jays” never feel like the front office isn’t supporting their championship aspirations .

Morris is increasing the defensive cap and adding a rotating fullback that could help the team defend small-ball teams like the defending NBA champion Golden State Warriors. A draft pick and non-rotational player from the NBA Finals is no overpay for those who could prove to be the “last stretch.” Remember, Morris, Marcus Smart, the “Jays” and Al Horford all proved effective casts back in 2018 when the franchise was locked in as contenders for years to come.

Why the Los Angeles Clippers do it

The Clippers could use a center in their 2022-23 roster, which so far only includes Ivica Zubac and his $7.5m non-guaranteed. Daniel Theis would be an excellent fit for the Clippers shotmakers away from dribbling and would offer elite-level “seals” to Kawhi Leonard, Paul George, Norm Powell and Co.

Aaron Nesmith is a sensible roll of the dice for a franchise that has made unsung postseason heroes of the likes of Reggie Jackson and Terance Mann, especially with a decision on his 2022-23 club option not required until October 31. Malik Fitts and Nik Stauskas’ non-guaranteed deals can be easily waived once the swap is complete and will be included for salary adjustment purposes only. Los Angeles has a lot of young wins that need to be minutes ahead.

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