Tokenized Crowdfunding Campaign Launched on Avalanche

Security Token Market has launched the first-ever Web3 token crowdfunding campaign and will allow a global audience to participate in the regulated investment process. The participation would be done together with the industry insiders and venture capitalists.

Investors could conduct transactions and participations with the highest speed and security on the Avalanche blockchain through a smart contract. Other advantages of Avalanche are low fees and the green factor that considers the environment very important.

In addition, investors have the option to store their tokens in their respective MetaMask wallet. The Security Token Market has scheduled a celebration for Friday, July 15, 2022 at LoanDepot Park. Members from the #MiamiTech community and the crypto world have been invited to attend the event and seize the exciting opportunity.

Avalanche is a smart contract platform that is the fastest in the industry in terms of time-to-finality. It has one of the maximum number of validators that secure the activity of the protocol, which works on the Proof-of-Stake concept.

The cost is extremely low for users who care deeply about preserving the environmental benefits as they are. Avalanche enables developers to outperform competitors in the smart contract industry.

Security Token Market is the largest repository of data and news related to Security Token trading. It tracks 500+ primary offers with a live trade data feed on 200+ live trades stocks, debt and fractional real estate.

Also, Security Token Market runs a successful media company that airs multiple shows and has millions of views on social media. All shows are developed in-house by their team, who are also responsible for promoting cryptocurrency adoption.

The repository helps institutions to compare the arbitrage price by offering them the relevant data about their database. The comparison is performed 24/7 with the variants of the public market. It also provides context to the larger market of tokenized investment products.

Securitize is an important partner in the ecosystem. Securitize aims to provide shareholders with access to investment opportunities while allowing companies to raise capital for their operations. Other key responsibilities include managing shareholders and offering potential liquidity to shareholders.

Securitize is a group of subsidiaries that includes:

  • Securitize LLC and Pacific Stock Transfer
  • Securitize Capital LLC
  • Securitize Markets LLC

Web3-enabled tokenized crowdfunding is certainly the first such process to be announced and many others are expected to follow the trend given its success. The opening ceremony is planned and many participants are expected to lend a hand after the ceremonial event.

Web3 is the future where control and ownership remain with users without third-party interference. A crowdfunding campaign, specifically on Avalanche Blockchain, is history.

It’s also a big boost for Web3 adoption. The entire industry is heading towards the transformation and users are also recognizing the benefits.

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