Tiger Woods announces to play Augusta at press conference


Tiger Woods will play in the 2022 Masters, he announced at a press conference on Tuesday.

He held a press conference at Augusta National and announced: [in The Masters].. I will play 9 more holes tomorrow. My recovery was smooth. I am very excited about how I am recovering every day. The tournament starts on Thursday.

Woods, who won the Green Jacket five times on Monday, practiced his second day of running while strengthening his preparations for the 86th Masters.

The 46-year-old hasn’t participated in top-level events since being involved in a horrific car accident in February 2021. The 15-time big winner who was afraid that his right leg would need to be amputated immediately after the accident. He participated in the PNC Championship with his son Charlie in December, but his miraculous comeback was completed when he participated in Augusta.

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Tiger Woods Press Conference LIVE

  • Tiger Woods has announced that they will be attending to play in the 2022 Masters

  • Woods, who won the Masters five times, announced at a press conference that he would be attending this year’s event starting Thursday.

  • He was involved in a horrific car accident in February 2021 and hasn’t been competing at the top level ever since.

Tiger Woods confirms that he expects to play in the Masters

16:33 , Michael Jones

Tiger Woods has confirmed that he expects to play the Masters in his return to competitive golf since last year’s serious car accident.

The 46-year-old woman, who won Augusta in 2019, broke her leg in a vehicle collision in February 202 and had two practice rounds since arriving at Augusta National on Sunday.

At his press conference today, Woods said, “For now I’m going to play.”

Tiger Woods confirms that he expects to play in the Masters

“I believe I can win,” says Tiger.

16:30 , Michael Jones

Woods was asked if he believed he could win the tournament.

“I will do that,” he replied. From a golf perspective, I don’t have to worry about what I can do physically.

“Walking is a difficult part. This is usually not an easy walk from the beginning. It’s a little more difficult now, given my feet.

“72 holes is a long way to go, it’s a difficult challenge and it’s going to be the one I’m aiming for.”

Woods’ “recovery” biggest problem

16:24 , Michael Jones

Tiger Woods explains that recovering from play is the biggest challenge he faces before playing in the Masters this week.

He also revealed that he played 27 holes during his visit to Augusta with his son Charlie last week.

“That was the challenge,” Woods said of the recovery process. “So I came here and tested 27 holes. I played a par 3 course, but Charlie couldn’t help himself.

“But it’s a recovery. How can I get rid of all the swelling and recover for the next day? My team was great and worked so hard that we had another 9 holes day and then in game time. Become.”

Tiger Woods playing in the Masters

16:17 , Michael Jones

“For now, I’m going to play,” says Woods, who answers questions from the media in Augusta’s press room.

“I will play another 9 holes tomorrow. My recovery was good. I am very excited about how I am recovering every day.”

Best of Tiger Woods: How He Conquered Augusta in “Complete Master Class”

16:13 , Michael Jones

That was 25 years ago, when he was only seven years old, but the recall of Tiger Woods’ Rory McIlroy, who won the 1997 Masters, has definitely proven to be accurate.

McIlroy, who already knew Woods, who dominates amateur golf in the United States before turning professional in August 1996, did not miss the rising star’s major championship debut in the paid ranks.

“’97 Masters, yeah, I saw it all,” McIlroy told PA News Agency the night before Woods, who was inducted into the World Golf Hall of Fame last month.

How Tiger Woods Conquered Augusta in “Complete Master Class”

Woods press conference is scheduled for 4:15 pm

16:08 , Michael Jones

The world’s second-largest Jon Rahm will appear in the Masters interview room, followed by Tiger Woods in about 10 to 15 minutes.

Perhaps as expected, Ram was asked if he had been advised by 15 major champions about Tiger and how to play Augusta.

“I’ve asked before and I don’t get anything, so I think there’s only one man in the field to hear advice from Tiger,” Ram joked. “So you may need to ask Justin Thomas.

“I asked him before. I remember asking him at East Lake the year he won, before he was on the putting green in the practice round. He looked back,” It all feels like. It’s important, “he continued. I was like “cool, thank you”.

“I once asked him about the lack of grain in Albany,” he says, “it just has to be shallow.” I’m like, “OK, that’s right.” In the meantime, I look back and JT is with him and he has all the papers on what to do. “

McIlroy is back in Woods

16:03 , Michael Jones

Rory McIlroy says Tiger Woods has played enough to compete for the Masters victory and will not be surprised by Woods’ play this week.

McIlroy said at a press conference today that he was impressed by seeing Woods’ match in a practice round in Florida.

“I spent a little time with him at home, and golf is there,” he said. “He’s hitting it well, he’s often lacking, he’s sharp.

“It’s a physical requirement to get 72 holes here this week. This is probably a question mark, but the golf game is there.

“So am I surprised? No, I’m not surprised what he’s doing anymore.”

Adam Scott expecting Tiger to play

15:58 , Michael Jones

2013 Masters Champion Adam Scott says he expects Tiger Woods to play for the Masters this week and is excited about the possibilities.

“It’s exciting that he could play this week,” he said. No matter what, it’s just an epic.

“I didn’t doubt the man long ago. If he could avoid it, that seems like a problem, but I can’t doubt his golf.”

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Range forest

15:54 , Michael Jones

All the signs from Tiger Woods seem to point to him teeing up at the Masters on Thursday. He was out at the driving range this morning and moved to the driving range prior to a later press conference.

Golfweek columnist Eamon Lynch believes Woods will be featured this week. He says Tiger could have tested his fitness everywhere and he wouldn’t have come to Augusta National if he didn’t think he could compete around the course.

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Tiger Woods causes golf hysteria with a miracle comeback at the Masters

15:45 , Michael Jones

When Tiger Woods crushed the driver in the range at Augusta National on Sunday, Swoosh came with his characteristic radiant smile.

The face of golf finally verified weeks of speculation and rumors about a secret visit to this sacred lawn. There, the Masters, the first major of the men’s golf season, will begin on Thursday.

The latest miraculous recovery of one of the most engrossing athletes of the generation is almost complete. Only 14 months after a single vehicle crash in California, he was at risk of having to amputate one of Woods’ legs after suffering multiple fractures.

But here he is looking again at Augusta, to which he really belongs. It’s been three years since I wore his fifth green jacket. Woods has been careful to emphasize that teeing it up on Thursday is not just a formal one, but a “match time decision”.

His attitude on Sunday suggests that Woods means business, along with the rippling muscles under the salmon pink shirt and the impressive torque on each swing during practice.

Editor’s Letter: Tiger Woods Causes Hysteria With Miraculous Masters Comeback

Will Woods play in the Masters?

15:36 , Michael Jones

In February Tiger Woods revealed that Augusta National’s hills believe they are recovering too quickly from a foot injury that was injured in a car accident 14 months ago.

He spent several months last year in the hospital after suffering many serious injuries in a collision caused by driving near twice the speed limit of 45mph.

At that time, he was told that he could have died in an accident and in the worst case he might need to amputate his leg. That didn’t happen, but the feeling at the time was that Woods’ golf career might have ended early.

Woods’ last pro tournament was the Masters, which was rescheduled when he was defending the champion in November 2020, and he will speak to the media at 4 pm today.

It’s unclear if he’ll see if he’ll play at this stage, and Tuesday and Wednesday storm forecasts don’t give him too much time on the course to assess his fitness level. maybe.

His presence in Augusta this week has also evoked the crowd. There was a big cheer when he emerged from the clubhouse for a 9-hole practice round on Monday, and most of the spectators chased his group around the course with one question in mind. :

Will Tiger Woods play in the Masters this week?

Tiger Woods will practice at Augusta National on the second day before the Masters.

15:30 , Michael Jones

Tiger Woods strengthened his preparations for the 86th Masters on Monday, practicing at Augusta National on the second day.

Woods hasn’t participated in top-level events since being involved in a horrific car accident in February 2021.

Fearing that he would have to amputate his right leg immediately after the accident, the 15-time big winner entered the PNC Championship with his son Charlie in December.

Tiger Woods will practice at Augusta National on the second day before the Masters.

Woods practice with Thomas and a couple

15:20 , Michael Jones

Tiger Woods shocked many when he announced he wanted to compete in this year’s Masters Tournament just 14 months after he was injured in a car accident in Los Angeles. ..

The 46-year-old played 18 holes last week, a few holes on Sunday, and another 9 holes on Monday, playing with professional Justin Thomas and 1992 Masters Champion Fred Couples.

“I’m sure he’ll tee it up on Thursday,” said the post-round couple, before adding that Tiger looked “amazing” and “very impressive.”

“He never tells you if he’s in pain. He was bombing it. He didn’t miss a lot of shots, he drove it nicely. He’s just unrealistic. ..

“Now it’s just a walking part. If he can walk 72 holes here, he will fight.”

Tiger Woods heads to Augusta, but competition at the Masters hasn’t been decided yet

15:13 , Michael Jones

Tiger Woods has made a “match time decision” for this week’s Masters match, the five-time champion said on Sunday. He continues to recover from a serious leg injury in a car accident in February 2021.

In a Woods car accident, he was hospitalized in Los Angeles for three weeks and faced the possibility of amputation of his right leg. He was then trapped in a hospital-type bed at his home in South Florida for three months.

The 46-year-old hasn’t been on the PGA Tour since the Masters in November 2020, and his only golf event since the accident last December was the 36-hole on the flat course. I won the second place with my son at the exhibition. There is no rough.

“Today we’re heading to Augusta to continue preparing and practicing, which will determine the game time for me to compete,” Woods wrote on Twitter on Sunday.

He has a place where he is expected to announce his comeback at the Masters press conference later today and he will compete in the first major of the year.

Tiger Woods heads to Augusta, but competition at the Masters hasn’t been decided yet

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