Thunder Have Picks To Consolidate in NBA Draft

The art of consolidation.

In NBA terms, consolidation is typically used to pack two smaller picks for a larger one, or to tag a crowd of players for a star — similar to Carmelo Anthony‘s move to New York.

To the Sam Presti, he is well acquainted with this art of trading. And with four top-35 picks at his disposal, he could draw on that practice.

The Oklahoma City Thunder lived big after draft night, bringing home picks 2 and 12 from Mark Tatum’s envelopes. Aside from a sponsorship offer, it’s hard to imagine Presti changing the #2 choice, especially considering how lengthy the lottery process is. With pick #12, it wouldn’t be crazy for Presti to make a trade-up play. However, the asking price could be high depending on who would be available — again making a consolidation unlikely.

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