This pathetic ‘hold me back’ performance from an Avalanche fan has no place in an NHL arena | This is the Loop

The same can’t be said for this Colorado Avalanche fan who might just be the most wrong tough guy in wrong tough guy history. In a clip circulating starting Monday night, the fan in question pulls off one of the all-time “hold-me-back” performances of all time, the kind that’s usually reserved when the benches clear in an MLB game:

We do not encourage fighting at sporting events, in fact we actively discourage it. As we explained on Monday, this is one of the lowest points you can be in life. That being said, this could be more embarrassing. HOLD ME BACK BRO for forty-two seconds with no interest in actually doing anything. And this guy calls himself a hockey fan? The sport where players can literally drop their gloves and settle differences with their fists. Hard look my man.

By the way, if you look a little closer, you’ll see that the only thing this guy hit was the woman sitting to his left. Seriously, go back and focus on the three second mark when he fucking hits the girl sitting on his left and everyone just sits and watches it happen. Great work from everyone involved. Maybe he would have actually met those Minnesota Wild fans if he’d had five other big boy Coors Lights.

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