This Nets-Celtics Trade Features Kevin Durant To Boston

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The Golden State Warriors proved too much for the Boston Celtics in the 2022 NBA Finals. Topics for the Cs included Jayson Tatum shouldering a heavy burden, which seemed to hamper his performance on the series over time. Adding another Superstar could go a long way.

They don’t to have but make too many changes. This Celtics team had the best net rating in the NBA at 12.8 as of the All-Star Break. They reached the conference finals. You have had a successful season.

Still, their goal is an NBA championship. They didn’t achieve that goal, so we can’t rule anything out. Meanwhile, the Brooklyn Nets entered this season with the same goal. They just didn’t get very close to him.

For that reason, the Nets will make rather a bold decision this summer. Of course, they probably won’t trade Kevin Durant. However, increasing media coverage of Kyrie Irving’s uncertain future with the Nets could provide potential motivation for Durant’s departure.

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The Nets superstars originally wanted to join the team because they felt working together would offer the best chance to build something together. Irving’s decision to leave would make it difficult for Durant to salvage the situation.

Here’s a scenario where the Boston Celtics are the team that makes them.

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