“The Warriors championship has an asterisk for playing against the fraudulent Celtics”: Skip Bayless dismisses Stephen Curry and co.’s title while hating their championship parade

Skip Bayless gave several reasons for hating Stephen Curry and the Golden State Warriors championship save.

After defeating several chances that Warriors of the Golden State are the NBA champions. Led by the first-time Finals MVP Stephen CurrySteve Kerr and Co. won their 4thth Title in 6 finals since 2015.

The Warriors flew to the Bay Area to celebrate their success with fans and had several people turn up for their championship parade. Skip Bayless, the weird guy that he is, had a big problem with that.

Bayless explained why the parade made him “sick”:

“I didn’t like anything about this parade. It made me sick. you make me sick I don’t understand beloved Steph because throughout the year beloved Steph was getting progressively swanky, out of control, on the floor with ego mania as he shot a career worst of 3. It finally fell below 40% for the first time and yet people are now saying that not only does it belong in the top 10, but it also ranks in the top 5 of all time for reading.

I had to watch a Warriors fan bring his pet goat to the parade in a Steph jersey. And I’m like, ‘Even LeShannon can’t love that,’ because you still have LeBron as your all-time GOAT.”

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“Stephen Curry and co. played against a flawed and cheating Celtics”: Skip Bayless

The UNDISPUTED analyst went on to explain how Steph’s antics on the pitch made him cringe. Finally, Bayless wildly claimed that the GSW Championship deserved an asterisk because it faced the “cheating” Celtics in the Finals.

“I have to put up with Steph and he’s like, ‘I’ll put him to sleep,’ right? All year round he flaps and runs all the way to the other end after getting one and one at Golden State’s Game 6. He ran all the way to the other end to wow the crowd before returning to the other end to shoot the free throw and-one. And then he puts everyone to sleep and he locks me away because I want him to see, because they did it, they did it. I still say deserve an asterisk because it should read, “Asterisk: deceitful foe, deceitful finale.” How about FFF – ‘Fraudulent Finals Foe’ because the Celtics were completely flawed and fraudulent.”

Bayless can hate curry and co. anything he wants, but it won’t change the fact that the San Francisco-based team has been one of the most successful dynasties since the 2000s era.

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