The United Nations has expelled Russia from the Human Rights Council.Germany reportedly intercepts chatter about atrocities: Ukraine LiveUpdate

The UN General Assembly approved a US-led resolution on Thursday to suspend Russia from the Human Rights Council of the World Organization amid growing evidence of atrocities by Russian troops in Ukraine.

The vote was 93-24 and the abstention was 58.

U.S. Ambassador Linda Thomas-Greenfield launched a campaign to suspend Russia from the 47 Human Rights Council after the advent of videos and photos from the town of Bucha in the Kieu region, after Russian soldiers withdrew. He revealed a street littered with civilian corpses.

“War criminals have no place in UN agencies aimed at protecting human rights,” Ukrainian ambassador Sergie Kisritya tweeted after the vote. “Thanks to all Member States for supporting the relevant UN General Assembly resolution and choosing the right side of history.”

Russia is the first permanent member of the UN Security Council to be revoked from UN agencies. Earlier this week, Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky called for Russia to be dismissed from the Security Council so that his veto could not be used to “block a decision on his country’s aggression.”

Russia’s deputy ambassador, Gennaji Kuzmin, denied Russia’s involvement in the genocide, saying the evidence was simply “step-by-step events and widely distributed fakes.” He dismissed the resolution as a US attempt to “maintain its dominant position and full control.”

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Latest development

► Dmitry Muratov, editor of a major Russian independent newspaper that won the Nobel Peace Prize, was struck by a red-painted perpetrator on a train departing Moscow, causing serious eye discomfort. Said that he gave.

► The Department of Commerce has issued a temporary refusal order to prevent Russian airlines Aeroflot, Utea and Azur Air from receiving goods from the United States, such as aircraft maintenance parts.

► Russians and Belarusians accepted for the 2022 Boston Marathon in either country will be banned from the race on April 18, the Boston Athletic Association has announced.

► The Russian Defense Ministry said it used cruise missiles launched from ships in the Black Sea to attack fuel depots around the cities of Mykolaiv and Zaporizhia in southern Ukraine and Kharkov and Chuhuiv in the east overnight.

►Russia said it had paid off its debt in the ruble this week. This may be unacceptable to Russian external debt holders and may pave the way for historic defaults.

A man cycling past an apartment building damaged by Russian bombardment on the outskirts of Chernihiv, Ukraine, on April 7, 2022.

A man cycling past an apartment building damaged by Russian bombardment on the outskirts of Chernihiv, Ukraine, on April 7, 2022.

Germans are reportedly intercepting Russian chatter about the killing of civilians

German intelligence has intercepted Russian military radio traffic discussing atrocities against civilians in the city of Bucha, Ukraine, media reported Thursday.

Some of the intercepted radio traffic appears to be directly related to the corpses photographed in the town of 30,000 northwest of Kieu, reported by German media outlet Der Spiegel and others. Hundreds of bodies were found in Bucha and other towns in the Kieu region when Ukraine recently regained them.

Russia denied involvement, saying that the scene of the genocide was staged or carried out by Ukrainian troops.

Citing audio-savvy sources, Der Spiegel said it reveals that Russian troops are talking about atrocities as if they were talking about everyday life. In one of the intercepted conversations, it seems that the soldier told another person about his recent bicycle shot. Pictures of the corpse lying next to the bicycle are shared around the world.

The Washington Post reported that in two separate communications, Russian soldiers asked soldiers and civilians and explained how to shoot them, according to voice-savvy intelligence personnel.

Russians turn to the Donbus region in “the next important battle of war”

When they left Chernihiv in northern Ukraine, Russian troops left a path of horror after a few weeks of siege: crushed buildings, streets littered with destroyed cars, and desperate for food and other aid. Residents in need of. Still, the Russians were forced to retreat after facing fierce resistance on the battlefield.

What can we expect from the industrial center of Ukraine now that Moscow is shifting its attacks to the eastern Donbas region?

Ukrainian and Western officials say Russians are planning to surround tens of thousands of Ukrainian troops in Donbus by moving from Izyum near Kharkiv in the north and the besieged Mariupol in the south. The timing depends on how quickly Russia can take the southern port city. The southern port city has been rubble after a few weeks of bombardment, but has not yet fallen into the invading army. Russia also needs to replenish troops withdrawn from Kyiv and other parts of the north.

The Washington-based Institute for the Study of War said in an analysis that Russian troops are likely to occupy the strategic city of Slovyansk and seek to move forward from Izyum to collaborate with other Russian troops in Donbus. It will be the next important battle of the war in Ukraine. “

By occupying Donbus, which includes the conflict areas of Donetsk and Luhansk, Moscow can establish an overpass to the Crimean Peninsula. It will be merged in 2014.

Senate unanimously bans Russian oil and ends normal trade relations

The US Senate banned oil imports from Russia on Thursday in favor of ending normal trade relations with the country in response to a month-long siege of Ukraine in Ukraine. I voted for 0. Senate majority leader Chuck Schumer accuses Russian President Vladimir Putin of war crimes, resonates with other U.S. and international officials, and passes a bill that blames Kremlin for his actions. I urged the Senate to do so.

“Ending normal trade relations is reminiscent of Putin’s making Russia a full-fledged Pariah state,” said Senator Ron Wyden, Democratic Chairman of the Senate Finance Committee.

The suspension of trade will allow the United States to impose higher tariffs on Russian imports, and a bill banning Russian oil will enact a presidential order signed by President Joe Biden. According to the US Energy Information Administration, Russian crude oil accounted for only 3% of total US imports in 2021, while petroleum products from Russia accounted for 20% of imports.

Both bills are stuck in the Senate, frustrating lawmakers who have called on the government to step up its response to Russia’s invasion of Ukraine. Some European countries are considering whether to ban Russia’s oil imports at great economic cost. Russia produces about 40% of the natural gas that the European Union uses to heat and generate electricity in homes, and about 25% of the oil it needs. Fuel the vehicle.

EU bans Russian coal, but leaves oil and natural gas untouched

European Union countries agreed on new sanctions against Russia on Thursday, including a ban on coal imports, but the measures will not come into effect until mid-August, a month behind what was originally proposed. Reuters reported that Germany, the EU’s largest importer of Russian coal, pushed the delay.

The coal boycott is the first time the EU has sanctioned Russia’s lucrative energy industry (which many European countries depend on), but it is not enough to give a strong blow to President Vladimirputin’s government. The EU pays Russia $ 20 million a day for coal, while oil and gas is $ 850 million a day. Despite controversy, there are no current plans to ban either, despite the horrifying evidence of Russia’s atrocities in Ukraine sparking new sanctions.

EU countries, especially large countries such as Italy and Germany, rely heavily on Russia’s natural gas to maintain home heating and cooling, power generation and industrial turmoil.

Coal should be the easiest to replace the energy source supplied by Russia, but boycotts can already contribute to high inflation.

U.S. military assistance to Ukraine includes an increase in 1,400 Stinger air defense systems and drones

The Pentagon shared details of US aid to Ukraine on Thursday. This includes $ 1.7 billion in security aid since Russia’s February 24 invasion and $ 2.4 billion since the inauguration of the Biden administration.

Among the items offered to Ukraine to help dodge the Russian invasion:

  • Over 1,400 Stinger anti-aircraft systems

  • Over 5,000 Javelin anti-tank systems

  • Over 7,000 other anti-tank systems

  • Hundreds of Switchblade Tactical Unmanned Aerial Vehicle Systems (Drone)

  • Over 7,000 small weapons

  • Over 50,000,000 ammunition

  • 45,000 sets of body armor and helmet

  • Laser guided rocket system;

The number of Switchblade drones has increased significantly and may indicate its effectiveness against Russian armored vehicles.

-Tom Van den Brook

Ukraine steps into the ground in search of more weapons

Ukraine prepared more on Thursday as the United States prepared to revive the World War II era program and make it easier to provide the country with the firepower urgently needed to repel Russia’s aggression. Made an urgent plea for many weapons. In Brussels, Ukrainian Foreign Minister Dmytro Kuleba sought help from NATO. “I came here today to discuss the three most important things: weapons, weapons, and weapons.”

Parliament was trying to revive the World War II era program and promote the leak of weapons to Ukraine. The bill, unanimously approved by the Senate and awaiting House action, temporarily waives the requirements related to President Joe Biden’s authority to lend or lease weapons and other supplies to the Ukrainian government.

Former Ukrainian President Petro Poroshenko said the bill “is not only exciting, but also represents a new step in repelling Russian invaders.”

Biden said new sanctions would “make it even more painful” for Russia.

President Joe Biden said that new economic sanctions imposed on Russia on Wednesday, including two adult daughters of President Vladimir Putin, will further “send Russia” following the discovery of atrocities by Russian troops. It relieves the pain. “

“Nothing has happened as much as a large-scale war crime,” Biden said, explaining the scene of the body left on the streets of the town of Bucha in Ukraine.

“Responsible countries must unite to make these preparers accountable, and work with allies and partners to continue raising economic costs, relieve Putin’s suffering, and Russia’s. We intend to further strengthen our financial isolation. “

The Byden administration has announced sanctions against 21 Kremlin officials and the Russian elite, in addition to Putin’s two adult daughters, Maria Boronzowa and Katerina Tihonova, the wife and daughter of Russian Foreign Minister Sergeĭ Viklov. ..

Other measures include complete ban sanctions on Russia’s largest financial institution, Sberbank and Russia’s largest private bank, Alfa Bank, and a ban on US investment in Russia. European allies have taken similar action.

– Joey Garrison

Contribution: Associated Press

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