The Latest Update On Robert Williams Is EXACTLY What Every Celtics Fan Was Hoping For Entering A Do Or Die Game 6

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The Spun — The Boston Celtics will look to extend the NBA Finals when they host the Golden State Warriors in a potential elimination game Thursday night. Robert Williams has played through a knee injury and has played at least 30 minutes in each of the last two games. Speaking on The Pat McAfee Show, The Athletic’s Shams Charania said Williams is “almost 100 per cent healthy” and should be good for Game 6. “They’re going to keep calling him questionable, but he’s feeling good,” Charania said of Williams. “He will play today. I would expect him to play big minutes.”

As you can imagine, I’m pretty nervous at the moment. My palms couldn’t be sweatier. At this point in the day, I look for anything and everything to keep my spirits and morale high. Just feed me all sorts of good news so I can calm my nerves for about 10 seconds. Well, that’s exactly what Shams did. Everyone heard him right?

“I’ve been told that Robert Williams is almost 100 per cent healthy. He will play today. I would expect him to play big minutes.”

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If the Celts are to have a chance tonight and the rest of this series, they need Rob. Not only is Rob out there, but he’s the Rob we know and love. The one who’s bouncy as hell. The one who instills fear in anyone who dares to enter the paint. For that to happen, he needs to be on the ground for big minutes. After playing 30 minutes into Game 5, we were all a little worried about what was going to happen tonight. At the same time, the season is at stake. You must empty the tank to force a Game 7 and keep your season alive. Rob’s a bloody warrior, so that doesn’t really surprise me. Well, I shouldn’t say that. I’m surprised his knee is responding well, but I’m not surprised he probably made it clear to Ime that he’s ready to do anything. This guy drops everything and will do whatever it takes for this team and that’s why we love him.

How important is Rob? The numbers are pretty crystal clear. See for yourself

I mean, I’m not a math guy, but I have eyes. Look at both ends of the floor. Look at the net rating. Look at the REB%. Look at the TS%. We’ve talked at length about what a difference-maker Rob is when he’s healthy and on the ground, and that’s absolutely true in these NBA Finals. So one could assume that getting more of Rob in these last two games is a pretty big development.

One thing I hope to see from Rob not only tonight but also in a potential Game 7 is that everyone on the roster remembers that Lob To Rob is virtually unstoppable. In a series where shot quality and easy buckets are so important, I’m asking this team to keep their eyes peeled and find Rob. Especially Tatum/Brown who have some trouble scoring in color. Do you know who rules there? rob. Nobody on GS can jump with it, so just puke it. Don’t force the controversial floater/layup into color. Just praise. These easy points are not only easy, but momentum plays that could help swing a game.

What exactly do big minutes mean? For me 35-40. That feels crazy considering Rob barely played that much even before his knee injury, but like I said you have to put everything on the table tonight. Rest in the off-season after winning the title. During the course of the game, if Rob’s knee twists and he doesn’t look right, adjust. But I’ll probably need 42+ from Tatum/Brown and at least 35 from Rob tonight. What other choice do they have, you know?

Between his willingness to play through pain and his 88.5% off the FT line, this postseason was pretty much all I ever wanted to see from Rob. Now let’s just add a dominant game 6 to the list.

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