The Kyrie Irving saga continues to take weird turns

There’s never a dull moment trying to catch up on the latest news Kyrie Irving will play next season.

Irving settled on his $36.5 million deal on June 27 after flirting with the exit, but still appears to have the Los Angeles Lakers as his preferred target.

On July 2nd Chris Haynes from Yahoo Sports reported that the Brooklyn Nets and Lakers were “actively involved” in a deal involving Irving and Russell Westbrook.

On Tuesday, NBA insider Shams Charania took to the “Pat McAfee Show” to join Irving in Los Angeles to discuss what he’s heard up to date.

“There’s no traction on any Lakers deal for Kyrie Irving,” Charania said. “There’s nothing new about that, and I’m not entirely sure we’re going to see that.”

Adrian Wojnarowski also spoke about the latest news he heard about the Irving situation on ESPN yesterday:

“I find [the Nets and Lakers] knowing that the other may have nowhere to go in the meantime,” Wojnarowski said. “I don’t know if there’s a rush for those two to sit down and really move. But here, too, I imagine both [Lakers general manager] Rob Pelinka and [Nets general manager] Sean Marks will be in Vegas and Summer League and that’s a conversation they could pick up again.”

Three of the biggest NBA insiders have differing views and information about what happened and will happen. That situation isn’t clear and it sounds like Charania and Woj think it could stay that way in the off-season.

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