The Boston Celtics Tremendous Offseason

Boston has the Eastern Conference crown — they don’t plan to relinquish it any time soon.

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Boston Celtics

Ryan Griffin: So let’s talk about some teams that I liked during the offseason. Teams I have no problem with what they did. That Boston Celtics. Now, myself and my usual co-host Matt Basson were there when the Boston Celtics and the warrior were in the final. And after the finals just talking about where the teams would be next year.

I thought the Boston Celtics got lucky NBA Finals and I didn’t see them as a team that could repeat that run. But man, they’re having a damn good off-season and are really positioning themselves to be a strong player in the east again.

So got the Boston Celtics Malcolm Brogdon. They got it because they gave up, basically nobody. I think the two main guys they gave up on this trade were Daniel Theis and Aaron Nesmith. But they have Malcolm Brogdon and they did it Danilo Gallinari. They got these two guys without giving up any of their top seven players they’ve played against.

And it’s a team that had depth. One of the reasons they made it to the NBA Finals was because they were able to promote so many different guys in different places. And the knock on those trains is going to be that these are two guys who can’t say they’re sane, right?

Malcolm Brogdon is a very good player. Danilo Gallinari is pretty good. He’s probably past his prime now, but he definitely still has something to give you. But both have injury histories, which makes sense. By the way, Malcolm Brogdon and Danilo Gallinari are guys you really just have to have healthy for the playoffs.

So because they’re going to play a smaller role with the Boston Celtics than they did with the pacemaker. And then, I think, Danilo Gallinari came from the Hawks freehand, from the Hawks hawks last year. When asked to do less. So there should be less overall stress on their bodies, you should be able to get them more rest.

And again you will need them for the playoffs. You don’t necessarily worry about the regular season because you know the rotation you have will get you into the playoffs. They’ll probably be pretty comfortable in the playoffs. But look at this top 9 and we’re really just doing the top 10 because it’s two lineups.

So the Boston Celtics, they’re looking at a top 10, basically two rotations, from Malcolm Brogdon, Markus Smart, Jaylen Brown, Jayson Tatumand Robert Williams. That’s a lot of defense. And with Malcolm Brogdon, that’s now a much-needed offense that has spawned the starting line-up.

Marcus Smart is a mixed bag and he can score a ton of goals in one game and then he can go five and 19 the next and absolutely kill you. And we already know what Jayson Tatum and Jaylen Brown could do.

But Malcolm Brogdon is the guy who can come in and he can offend you pretty much instantly. Something I thought the Boston Celtics were really lacking golden state Serie was just another guy who can come in and create his own offense and score for them.

I thought their offense was pretty stagnant at times. It could have ended up costing them a title. But last year it only delivered 36 games. A lot of trouble staying healthy but Brogdon averaged 19 points. And he’s usually a pretty good shot. Didn’t shoot last year but career 37. Basically 38% three point shooter guy. He’ll give you about 45, 46% of the field and anywhere from 85 to 88% of the free throw line.

So just a really solid offensive player. And he also gives you the five assists in five rebounds, essentially like a really good player Boston just added. He can create for others. He can create for him. And he can shoot it every year except basically last year.

Where he got injured again a few years a year and that was the knock on him stay sane. And then Gallinari again, a guy who can get a bucket, he won’t be able to create as much for himself as Brogdon I think.

But he can still create for himself. He can still get his own shot and he can still get his own bucket. He won’t count on Marcus Smart tricking him. You can give it to Gallinari for a few possessions while you’re either on Tatum and Brown or on the bench or whatever.

And he can do his thing and it won’t always go in for better or for worse. But it’s certainly a better option than any they’ve given up. And I think everyone they had in that role last year.

Then you have the bench five. Good. So we talked about Malcolm Brogdon, Marcus Smart, Jaylen Brown, Jayson Tatum and Robert Williams.

Now you look at the bench and those lineups will be adjusted a little bit because I think the Boston Celtics are actually trying to get Brogdon off the bench. But we’re just going to do her next five, right? Al Horford, Derrick White, Grant Williams. Danilo Gallinari and Payton Pritchard. That’s a really good top 10.

That’s a really good two-way line set that the Boston Celtics can throw at you. There’s a lot of depth and there’s a lot of shooting. There’s a lot of defense there. And for Boston, I think that will bode well for them. I really like this lineup from top to bottom.

Those 10 main lineups, I guess you can tell it’s just a really strong man, top to bottom. And they can do a lot. I was pretty optimistic that the Boston Celtics wouldn’t make it to the finals after the season ended. As if they wouldn’t make it to the finals this year. I don’t know if I can say that now.

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