The Boston Celtics’ best moments in the 2022 NBA Playoffs

It might not have ended up with the result Boston Celtics fans were hoping for, but the 2022 NBA Playoffs brings the Celtics together after a season they began as one of the less convincing clubs in the league, and there are plenty of moments to watch back to.

For starters, it was practically the revenge spree of a lifetime, with Boston sending out each of the teams that had ended their seasons in recent years as the team found its way back to competitive status when it first defeated the Brooklyn Nets and then the Milwaukee Bucks defeated , and eventually the Miami Heat. Add the satisfaction of sending Kyrie Irving fishing with the arch heel with a sweep to the opener and it was something of a Celtics masterpiece.

Watch the clip embedded below for a collection of the very best moments from the Celtics’ 2022 postseason run in this highlight film put together by YouTuber Tomasz Kordylewski.

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