The best travel equipment for dog moms


Our puppies are members of our family and taking them with them when we travel is part of the fun. Donate to your mother’s Mother’s Day this year something that is not only useful and practical, but also thoughtful. The gifts below confirm the love that exists between man and man’s best friend.

Help your dog to rest on the road

Whether you are at home, on Airbnb or on the road, you will definitely want to make sure that your pet has a comfortable place to rest. Orvis produces dog beds in a variety of sizes and shapes, making it easy to find exactly what you need. From memory foam sofas to fleece cradles to platform styles, there’s plenty to choose from. The Orvis The AirFoam Bolster dog bed with fleece, $ 359 – $ 479, comes in three different colors and four different sizes. The pad gives your pet a place to rest his head. It is easy to clean and transport from the car to the hotel home, this is a good choice.

Stay safe with the Pet Medial kit

We hope you never need it, but in case you need it, make sure you have a fully stocked medical kit in your car if you are transporting your beloved dog from point A to point B. Adventure medical kits produces a useful $ 25 Trail Dog Medical Kit, full of things your friend might need along the way. From bandages and dressings of all shapes and sizes to tools that can help remove tongs or thorns, the most common things you might need are here.

Invest in quality leashes and collars

Carhartt, which is known for producing durable, sturdy and durable clothing, has also designed great products for dogs. From safety vests, coats and harnesses to time-tested beds, to sherpa-lined blankets, to chew toys, Carhartt is the only point of contact in many ways. Choose a nylon collar with a dog strap, $ 20 and a matching leash, $ 30. Make sure your pet is safe during all those potty breaks.

Don’t forget to hydrate

Traveling can be exhausting, especially if you have long distances ahead of you. Don’t forget to bring a bowl of water and food for your special pet. Yeti does much more than just coolers and cups. Take a look at their range of high quality dog ​​bowls. The Boomer 8 Dog Bowl, $ 50, is puncture resistant and can be used to water and feed your dog. Choose from fun colors like Seafoam or Bimini Pink and you’ll be ready for adventure. Best part: this dog bowl can be thrown in the dishwasher when it needs to be cleaned.

Consider a small trinket or trifle

Dog moms also love thoughtful jewelry. Hard as a parent strain manufactures high quality custom necklaces where you can choose your own gold letter for Custom Initial Necklace, $ 40. Surprise a dog mother in your life with the initials of her pet on a 14K gold chain. The trick is that you only buy one, but we understand if you want it for yourself.

Gather everything easily

Traveling means that there will usually be many loose objects moving around the car. Make it easier to find dog leashes, pouch bags and blankets with a large bag. Stylish Chatelet Air 2.0 from Delsey Paris, $ 80, is foldable, made to last and is perfect for traveling. Choose from four cheerful colors. The zippered upper will keep all the essentials together and you will easily have them at hand.

Coordinate clothing

If you want something unique and fun, give your dog a mother in your life a colorful pajama set for the pet and owner Tella Couture. Just think how cute her nine will be on Instagram, full of photos of her and her dog in coordinated files as they roam hotels and vacation rentals. The $ 85 Loki Matching pajamas are satin pajamas with a distinctive white trim and black buttons. These dresses are easy to wear, they are also super comfortable and soft.

Stay warm and comfortable

Keeping pets on the road comfortable and warm and safe at the same time is extremely important, especially if pets are anxious travelers. The Celts The Galactic Down Blanket, $ 130, is not only bright and colorful, but is also ideal for cars – whether for pets or humans. This blanket is designed to be light, compact and warm, it also has a durable shell. Use a bag for things when not in use. Simple.

Keep your feet comfortable

Dog lovers in your crew will appreciate a pair of socks from Loveley this condition: “I’d rather be with my dog,” $ 12. These new socks are comfortable and a little silly – but which dog mom wouldn’t want a pair? Moms can wear them in the dog park, at home or on the road to remind them of their hairy friends when they are not together.

Drink coffee on the go

If you’re like most people, coffee is vital on the go. Grounds & Hounds Coffee Co. has a strong mission to assist rescue organizations that provide safe shelter for dogs. 20% of all revenue actually goes to these initiatives. The Off Trail Bundle is ideal for traveling on the go, as it contains a box with single-serving coffee bags that can be added to the hot water and enjoyed in the Camp Out.

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