Supreme Court decision on Lehigh Co. mail-in ballots amounts to miscarriage of justice | Letter

Which can only be interpreted by this loyal American and lifelong resident of the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania as allowing a total miscarriage of justice last Thursday.

The US Supreme Court has allowed the counting of undated mail-in ballots in Pennsylvania in a case challenging Lehigh County’s election results for a judge. After what happened in 2020, when it took days to know who the presidential victor from Keystone State was, and the subsequent disaster in the 2022 Republican Senate primary, Pennsylvania is the proverbial poster child for the other 49 states, what not to do when conducting elections .

The fact that the US Supreme Court even considered hearing this case is embarrassing. Not dating absentee ballots is a recipe for voter fraud. No US citizen should be able to vote by mail, except in extreme circumstances such as health, age, or military service. It’s called election day, not election month.

We had this problem and we should be smart enough to fix it.

ben johnson

fountain hill

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