Stephen Curry asked the Celtics for his ring after another three-pointer in NBA Finals

Stephen Curry has a reputation as a humble superstar. The Golden State Warriors guardian is known as a family man who is deeply committed to his faith and never bangs much on the chest. Curry is well on his way to becoming one of the greatest players in NBA history, but like Tim Duncan before him, you would never tell by his attitude.

Of course, none of this applies when Curry is actually in the middle of another amazing performance. If Steph really feels it, very few players in the game’s history have ever celebrated more. It often feels like Curry is openly taunting his opponents as he smacks them with dagger after dagger.

Curry was full in his pocket in Game 6 of the 2022 NBA Finals, with the Warriors one win away from the Superstar Guard’s fourth championship. After a pair of threes to make Golden State big in the third quarter, Curry told the Boston crowd what he’s ready to get by pointing his ring finger.

For Celtics fans, watching Curry unravel the best defense in the league is bad enough. This whole streak has been a constant reminder that Curry is the best player on the pitch. He doesn’t hesitate to let them know with the title in sight.

This has great meme potential:

The Celtics have suspended opponents all year, but they have no answer for Curry. What he achieved in those finals was greatness personified. Curry is humble off the ground, but he knows just how incredible he is at his job.

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