StatMuse predicts Cs series victory due to one simple stat

If you ask StatMuse, the Boston Celtics have already won their first trip to the NBA Finals since the 2009-10 season.

Of course, Game 6 (and maybe Game 7) has yet to be played before we find out who the Eastern Conference representative will be against the Golden State Warriors, barring a 3-0 comeback from the Dallas Mavericks that would mark the first time out a team won four straight elimination games.

Still, after a Game 5 win that saw the “Jays” live up to their own superstar standards, the momentum is right in the Boston Celtics’ corner. Jayson Tatum was an assist just short of a triple-double (22/12/9), while Jaylen Brown scored 25 points at %50< shooting from the field and over the arc.

Could the series be over with Boston now leading 3-2 and set to host Game 6 at TD Garden? Well, StatMuse doesn’t see the venue as the reason why the Cs will be okay, but the fact that Boston is undefeated in even games in this series:

The Boston Celtics and Miami Heat have both struggled with injuries in this series

Having both Robert Williams and Marcus Smart eligible for Game 5 was a huge boon for Boston. Miami didn’t have the same luck with injuries and missed Tyler Herro, although their own shooting problems also played a part in the loss.

Given the amount of time Kyle Lowry missed the start of the series, you’d think injuries could be the narrative for why the Cs got this far.

But it isn’t.

Smart missed Game 1 and Game 4, Al Horford also missed Game 1, Derrick White missed Game 2 and Robert Williams missed Game 3.

A game separates the Celtics and a probable showdown with the Warriors and there’s a good chance it will get the job done. Let’s hope Game 5’s defensive efforts are sustained so that another trip to Miami isn’t necessary.

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