Stanley Cup Accidentally Delivered to Wrong Address After Avalanche’s NHL Title Win | Bleacher Report

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Everyone has been concerned about mail being delivered to the wrong address, but a Denver couple had a unique experience of the situation on Tuesday.

According to Fox 31’s Colleen Flynn, the Stanley Cup was supposed to be sent to Colorado Avalanche captain Gabriel Landeskog, but was mistakenly delivered to Denver’s Hilltop neighborhood.

Kit Karbler, whose home received the special delivery, posted a picture of the Stanley Cup on social media app NextDoor.

“They got the wrong address for the Stanley Cup and shipped it to my house instead of Landeskogs,” he wrote. “Must see and touch it in my driveway!”

Speaking to Flynn about the mix-up, Karbler said he and his husband were at their home when they saw a van pull up outside.

“It looks like a contractor or something,” he said. “I did not know it. And a guy comes to the door. He has long gray hair, a parting and he is very friendly. …And he comes right in and they look, the truck’s secured and they’re ‘trying to pull in the trophy.’

Hockey Hall of Fame trophy keeper Philip Pritchard told Flynn the mix-up happened because they “couldn’t really see the house number” and decided to knock on the door.

Flynn noted that Landeskog’s residence has a “similar looking address” to Karbler’s house.

Despite the confusion, everything went well. A fan got to spend a few moments with the Stanley Cup. Landeskog probably had his day with the NHL’s biggest prize.

The Avalanche defeated the Tampa Bay Lightning in six games in the Stanley Cup Finals to win their first title since 2000-01.

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