space traveling warriors tier list : Weekend commuters: With Revive I-5 and other construction planned, expect traffic and consider using public transportation to get around this weekend

A person enjoying the view of downtown Seattle from Gas Works Park. photo credit: SDOT

Seattle travelers, be aware that major construction, including the WSDOT Revive I-5 work and the total closure of the SR 520 bridge, are likely to cause traffic disruptions this weekend. Several big sports games can also cause congestion at certain times.

We recommend that you consider using public transportation such as the Link light train, bus or West Seattle water taxi to reach your destinations. This blog post contains some additional resources for you to plan your trip this weekend – we hope it will be helpful!

construction snapshot

SDOT construction work

Rainier Ave S

This weekend, from Friday, July 8 to Sunday, July 10, we will begin construction to add a northbound bus lane on Rainier Ave S between S Alaska St and S Walden St. We will also add a dedicated southbound bus lane between S Oregon St and S Edmunds St. We are going to remove the curbside lane and make it a new exclusive bus lane. We will retain all existing street parking, the two-way central lane and freight access.

Although the road will remain open during construction, travelers can expect periodic lane closures. People can also expect temporary closure of northbound bus stops on Rainier Ave S at the intersections of S Edmunds St, S Alaska St, S Genesee St, 33rd Ave S and S Walden St. These bus stops will be closed for a few hours at a time and relocated bus stops will be provided nearby. Be aware of notices and temporary changes at your bus stop during construction.

For the latest SDOT travel information, you can follow our SDOT Traffic Twitter account@sdottrafficor visit ourSeattle Travelers Web Pagefor real-time traffic camera information.

WSDOT construction work

SR 520 Closure and Revive I-5 Overview

Effective Friday, July 8, State Route 520 will close in Lake Washington and I-5 southbound will be reduced to two lanes near the stadiums for the rest of the weekend. Travelers will need to consider and plan to use alternative routes.

Closure details SR 520

Beginning Friday night (July 8), WSDOT contractor teams will close State Route 520 for the entire weekend to place bridge girders over the highway in the Montlake neighborhood of Seattle. Teams continue to build a new cap as part of the $455 million Project SR 520 Montlake .

Map showing the closure of the SR 520 highway and ramps this weekend. Graphic credit: WSDOT

In the meantime, teams will use the weekend closure to launch a 55-day 24-hour closure of the SR 520 westbound exit to Roanoke Street. Extended closure is required to build a series of retaining walls and change the ramp alignment. Exit ramp users will need to find alternative routes to travel during the long-term closure.

Map showing alternate exits to E Roanoke St off SR 520. Graphic credit: WSDOT

Relive details of the I-5

Only two lanes of I-5 southbound will be open from 7:30 pm on Friday, July 8, until 5 am on Monday, July 11. 90.

Drivers should consider:

  • All persons driving on I-5 will need to use the collector/distributor lanes.
  • The eastbound and westbound ramps from I-90 to I-5 south will be closed except for two hours after stadium events.
  • Expressways will only open northbound on Saturday, July 9 and Sunday, July 10. The southbound point where the expressways join the I-5 main line is in the closure area.

This work is scheduled to continue every weekend this summer until the end of September. You may read the WSDOT blog post or visit the Revive I-5 websitefor the latest information, and you can follow WSDOT on Twitter at @wsdot_traffic .

Teams work on the I-5 expansion joints over a recent weekend.

Teams work on the I-5 expansion joints over a recent weekend. Photo credit: WSDOT.

Homemade games by Mariners and Sounders

The Seattle Mariners have several home games against the Toronto Blue Jays at T-Mobile Park this weekend. First pitches are scheduled for Friday, July 8 at 7:10 pm, Saturday, July 9 at 7:10 pm and Sunday, July 10 at 1:10 pm. July 9 at 1:30 pm, against the Portland Timbers. We’re rooting for you Mariners and Sounders!

Planning to catch a game? Consider using public transport – both T-Mobile Park and Lumen Field are served by the Link light train (station station) and various bus routes.

Traffic and trip planning resources

In light rail link for the King County subway, transit is a great way to get around Seattle. Different transit options are detailed below.

You can use Subway trip planning tool or Sound Transit’s trip planning tool to enter your start and end addresses and choose the public transport route that works best for you. Google Mapsalso offers transit and cycling planning, walking and other trip planning options.

If you must drive, consider carpooling and take extra time to get to your destination.

People getting on and off a Link train in downtown Seattle.

People getting on and off a Link train in downtown Seattle. photo credit: SDOT


Thanks for checking out the construction and events in progress as we work to make traveling around Seattle safer, smoother and more efficient. We appreciate your time and attention. Have a great weekend!

Mobility is one of SDOT’s core values ​​and goals. Graphic: SDOT.

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