space traveling warriors tier list : DeSantis Amplifies 2024 Conversation With Trip to Nevada to Campaign for US Senate Candidate Laxalt


“No governor in America understands what we’re up against better than Ron Desantis,” Laxalt said during a radio appearance on the eve of the rally.

Nevada Republicans, used to presidential candidates making excuses to visit, were eager to get an early look at DeSantis. Ninety minutes before the event, more than 100 people waited outside Stoney’s Rockin’ Country, near the Las Vegas Strip, to hear from the Republican governor who stood up to Disney, helped ban certain school instructions on sexual orientation and gender identity. and opened Florida to tourists as many Las Vegas casinos struggled with Covid-19 restrictions.

“DeSantis is the future president of the United States, so I had to see him,” said Jamie Fulmer, clinic manager for a local orthopedic surgeon who vacationed in the Jacksonville, Florida area amid the pandemic “just to be in your home”. State.”

“So if he supports Laxalt, I think he should give this guy a chance,” she said.

Attendees wait in line at Stoney's Rockin' Country in Las Vegas on April 27, 2022 ahead of DeSantis' with Senate candidate Adam Laxalt.
DeSantis is running for re-election, and his campaign, which has been reticent of any discussion beyond November, has declined to comment on his visit to Nevada. DeSantis’ allies point out that he has not agreed to leave Florida for any candidate. Laxalt and DeSantis were bunkmates in the Navy and remain close friends. Only DeSantis’ wife enjoyed that kind of power within the governor’s notoriously tight political circle.
Laxalt is running for the GOP nomination to challenge US Senator Catherine Cortez Masto, one of the most vulnerable Democratic candidates. Primary is June 14th.
However, DeSantis’s appearance at an early stage on the presidential primaries calendar will do little to quell speculation about the Republican’s 2024 ambitions. put on a collision course with former President Donald Trump.
Indeed, in Las Vegas Review-Journalthe newspaper owned by casino mogul and megadonor Sheldon Adelson before his death last year, columnist Victor Joecks wrote some advice for DeSantis ahead of his visit: “Run, Ron, run.”

“There is four years of evidence that Trump’s political successes do not outweigh his personality weaknesses in the minds of undecided voters,” Joecks wrote. “Go with a guy who has delivered similar results to Trump but has superior messaging discipline and strategic thinking.”

DeSantis signs bill creating new Florida electoral police force  DeSantis signs bill creating new Florida electoral police force
These results include contentious bills and actions applauded by Conservatives and outraged by Democrats, including creating an electoral police force, banning schools and businesses from teaching about white privilege, and rejecting math textbooks for allegedly including concepts as critical racial theory.
DeSantis also signed a Florida abortion ban after 15 weeks. His arrival in Nevada provided new reasons for Democrats to criticize Laxalt’s anti-abortion stance. Cortez Masto’s campaign covered the Review-Journal website before DeSantis arrived with digital ads tying Laxalt to Florida’s new law.

Democrats believe abortion policy will be big in Nevada, where a woman’s right to the procedure is enshrined in state law.

“Adam Laxalt has never missed an opportunity to attack women’s reproductive rights, and now he’s campaigning with an anti-choice governor who has just signed an abortion law with no exceptions for victims of rape, incest or human trafficking,” said Sigalle Reshef. , spokesperson for the Cortez Masto campaign. . “The campaign with Governor DeSantis is part of Laxalt’s long history of working to turn back the clock on abortion rights in Nevada – and that’s exactly what he would do in the Senate.”

Laxalt arrives for the campaign event with DeSantis at Stoney's Rockin' Country in Las Vegas on April 27, 2022.Laxalt arrives for the campaign event with DeSantis at Stoney's Rockin' Country in Las Vegas on April 27, 2022.

A potential challenger for Trump

As in other parts of the country, Trump remains the most popular figure among Nevada Republicans and a big favorite to win the 2024 nomination if he attempts a third run for the White House. Robin Titus, minority leader in the state Assembly and former co-chair of Trump’s Nevada campaign, said Republicans are waiting to see what the former president decides before looking for new horses to support.

But Titus said DeSantis was becoming a household name even among ordinary Republicans. She said he has won many supporters with his fight against pandemic-related mandates and restrictions, and they continue to follow him to see what problem he faces next.

“People don’t have a guttural reaction to Ron DeSantis the way people come to me about Trump,” Titus said. “I was a proud Trump supporter, but I can say that to anyone and there may or may not be a good reaction. It looks different with DeSantis.”

'Created some chaos': How Trump's involvement is shaking up Ohio's Senate race'Created some chaos': How Trump's involvement is shaking up Ohio's Senate race
Trump has maintained his grip on the Republican Party, in part by playing the role of king in Republican primaries across the country. Results were mixed, but the contest between candidates to secure a Trump endorsement nonetheless demonstrates his perceived clout among primaries voters.

While polls indicate that DeSantis’ influence with conservatives is growing, the Florida governor has spent little political capital sharing his new spotlight with other Republican candidates. While DeSantis has attended rallies for Trump in 2020, he hasn’t ventured out of state to help other Republicans in close races.

Likewise, his support for Laxalt, who is the big favorite in his primary race 2,000 miles from Florida, is a rarity. DeSantis has not commented on the heated government primaries across the Georgia border between Governor Brian Kemp and former US Senator David Perdue, where the Association of Republican Governors and Trump are on opposite sides of an expensive feud. He also didn’t cross state lines in 2021, when there was a close race for two US Senate seats held by Republicans.

DeSantis’s campaign declined to say whether the Nevada trip signals he may be opening up his out-of-state political agenda to push more Republicans ahead of the midterms, or if he’s simply doing a favor for an old friend of his. navy. DeSantis had intended to headline a fried fish for Laxalt in Nevada last year, but had to cancel because of a tropical storm.

His reception in Las Vegas suggested that more appearances would be welcomed by Republicans, as would his participation in the contested primaries. People who called a local conservative radio station praised DeSantis ahead of his visit, with one of them citing Florida’s new electoral security force as a model for the country. By 4pm, several hundred people were already crowded into the country music hall, ordering drinks and checking out a mechanical bull. By comparison, a recent Laxalt event with Texas Senator Ted Cruz drew about 140 people, according to local reports.

Disney's Autonomous District Says Florida Can't Dissolve It Without Paying Its DebtsDisney's Autonomous District Says Florida Can't Dissolve It Without Paying Its Debts

Christy and Barrett Adams of Las Vegas said they came to see Laxalt because he had support from DeSantis and Trump.

“If these two superheroes support him, we think we have to listen to what he has to say,” Christy Adams said.

Joanna Rodriguez, a spokeswoman for RGA, told CNN: “Obviously, we appreciate (DeSantis’s) support for any of our governors or nominees. But this is an issue for his staff and the candidates.”

DeSantis has built “quite an angry following” in Nevada without making frequent visits to the state, said Jeremy Hughes, a longtime Republican Party strategist in the state. It’s a strategy he believes aims to “leave Nevadans wanting more”.

“Once he leaves, it becomes a must-event,” said Hughes. “You don’t want overexposure, where people say, ‘I just saw this guy last week. Don’t you have a state to run?'”

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