space traveling warriors tier list : China fights Shanghai karaoke COVID cluster, with Beijing ordering new round of mass testing

China is battling new outbreaks of COVID-19 across the country with mass testing and new restrictions, including in tired Shanghai, where new cases have been linked to a karaoke hall that was operating illegally.

The country’s most populous city has just emerged from a strict lockdown that has confined most of its 24 million residents to their homes for weeks, and the new outbreaks have raised concerns of a return to such tough measures.

According to health officials, karaoke has failed to enforce prevention measures among employees and customers, including tracking other people they have come into contact with.

In response, all these establishments were ordered to temporarily suspend business, the city’s culture and tourism department said.

Shanghai’s previous lockdown sparked unusual protests, both in person and online, against the government’s harsh enforcement, which left many residents struggling to access food and medical services and sent thousands to quarantine centers.


Nightlife to close for a week

Beijing has also seen a recent outbreak linked to a nightlife spot.

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