So what about that Celtics fan who got a ‘2022 World Champions’ tattoo?

Jack Bienvenue’s 2022 Celtics World Cup winner tattoo. He got it at Hotline Tattoo in Hyannis from artist Taylor Lindley.Jack welcome

Friday was a day of heartbreak for many Bostonians after the Celtics suffered a heavy loss to the Golden State Warriors in Game 6 of the NBA Finals.

But for a fan, the stakes were probably even higher.

Welfleet’s Jack Bienvenue saw so much promise with the Celtics in March that the 18-year-old got a Championship banner tattooed on his arm that read ‘Boston Celtics 2022 World Champions’.

It was his first tattoo and it turned out to be almost prophetic. What now?

“I honestly don’t think about it much right now and it’s not a big deal to me,” Bienvenue told the Globe via Instagram. “This year has brought me some of the worst moments and some of the best moments of my life, and a lot of those best moments involve the tattoo. So no, it will not be removed. It’s something that will always remind me of this amazing season of ups and downs for me and this Celtics team.”

The loss hurts, Bienvenue continued, and will likely be with him for a while, “but the Celts are just getting started.”

Bienvenue called the season “the best Celtics basketball season I’ve seen in my life … from .500 in January, through being the first-round title favorite, the elimination of the defending champions, and finally winning the NBA Finals and proving all doubters wrong.”

The Cape Cod Tech graduate will go to Lasell University next year. He said he can’t wait for next season and will be watching the team for years to come.

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