Safety, Security Top Of Mind As Crowds Of Avalanche Fans Gather Downtown During Stanley Cup Final – CBS Denver

(CBS4) – “Avs to the cup, baby!” yelled a fan as he made his way to Tivoli Square for one of the biggest watch parties at the Stanley Cup Finals in Denver on Wednesday night.

“I always think the Avs are going to win,” another Colorado Avalanche fan told CBS4.

While winning Game 1 was the priority for every fan, the behind-the-scenes focus was on ensuring those without a ticket had a safe way to watch the game.

“We believe we have a very safe venue,” said Michael Phibbs, Auraria campus police chief.

He helped assemble the security guard at Tivoli Square, brought in additional officers, and added top-notch security systems.

“People are and should be so concerned about shootings in public and it breaks my heart that we have to take such extreme measures, but I want to make sure everyone is comfortable and safe here,” he said.

The Denver Police Department, which supports the Auraria campus, is also making changes to cover the increasing downtown crowds.

“We’ve been through this before. We understand how we need to change our shift schedules,” said Division Chief Ron Thomas.

Thomas said the question they are constantly working to answer is, “Do we have sufficient staff to deal with the game and other events related to the game?”

With more traffic in Denver and a lot of partying, he says, it’s still best for anyone planning to watch the race for the cup downtown to plan ahead and allow extra time to get there , where you want to go and anticipating that there might be more police and security at your event.

Angela Hinojosa, a lifelong Denver resident and dedicated Avs fan, appreciates the response from law enforcement and security teams and says it’s worth all the effort to keep things safe while she makes new memories with her two oldest boys.

“As it is, it’s better to be safe than not,” she said.

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