Role of Female Rapper Produces on Youku — YouTube in China


Angel Mo started writing rap music at the age of 12 while listening to Eminem. Now, she is a producer of shows on Youku, China’s response to YouTube, a job she got after the MBA at Tsinghua University School of Economics and Management (SEM).

As a rapper, Angel appeared on various reality TV shows before her MBA. In addition to performing at The Voice of China, she was in the Super Girl’s Top 10, a female-only song contest, and appeared in the national rap competition The Rap of China.

After noticing an increase in the popularity of rap music in China, Angel decided to translate her passion for music into a production job. “If the audience is getting bigger, then on the production side we also need more resources and creativity to help create more content,” she explains.

Angel enrolled in Tsinghua University’s Global MBA program to accelerate her career ambitions and stand out from top employers.

Companies recruiting MBAs from Tsinghua University include major global firms such as Microsoft and McKinsey, as well as Chinese tech giants like, Tencent and Alibaba, which owns YouKu and is China’s equivalent to Amazon.


From Rap of China to Tsinghua Global MBA

Before Angel began her MBA trip to Tsinghua, in addition to rap, she co-founded a production company specializing in video advertising. Angel decided that an MBA would be the most effective way to continue her career journey in manufacturing, gain relevant skills, and convince employers of her skills.

“When I tell people that I used to be a rapper, they automatically assume that I am not academically capable, which is not true,” she said. “I wanted to prove to them that I could study a lot and get A grades in Tsinghua.”

7e199611f5442d27be9c2602a361cea197ee6344.jpgFor Angelin, choosing the right MBA started with the place where she wanted to study.

Angel is of Chinese descent and has completed her undergraduate degree at British Columbia University. She chose to stay in China because the TV show The Rap of China had popularized the music she grew up listening to, creating and performing.

Her next decision was which university to choose for her MBA. After scoring 710 on the GMAT, she realized she could apply to the best business schools in China.

Both Tsinghua University and CEIBS in Shanghai accepted her, but in the end she chose Tsinghua because of its prestigious reputation and Beijing culture.

“Shanghai is an international center, but Beijing is the center of Chinese culture, where people speak their mother tongue. I like how Beijing is so down to earth and native,” she explains.

A Tsinghua Global MBA education

The Tsinghua SEM boasts 130,000 alumni comprising 60 countries, and the Times Higher Education University Rankings place Tsinghua University 16th globally in 2022.

Angel’s first semester at Tsinghua was a milestone in his career, she says. She loved the global nature of the program, the campus life, and the range of courses, from 21st Century Marketing to Innovative Leadership.

“Can you imagine studying with people from different continents in a room every day from breakfast to dinner? We had a lot of different classes, electives and group studies where we put all our efforts into our project work, she recalls.


In their first year, Tsinghua students take intensive core MBA courses that build a foundation in management, such as Soft Skills and Management Basics. Tsinghua offers over 111 electives from which students choose in the second year before completing a graduation thesis.

Angel’s biggest workload during her MBA was 11 hours of teaching in one semester, which she thought would be unusual, but all of her classmates were doing the same or more. Despite the high workload, Angel says she thrived under pressure and took on the “Tsinghua mentality” in her work on Alibaba’s Youku.

“The core values ​​of Tsinghua and Alibaba are the same: hard work and dedication,” she says. Alibaba is the largest e-commerce company in China and Jack Ma, the founder and CEO of Alibaba, is a board member of Tsinghua SEM.


MBA to feature producer on Youku

Angel started an internship at Alibaba a few months before graduating from Tsinghua.

As an intern, Angel assisted senior staff and made rotations in various divisions of the company to discover which areas she liked best. She quickly discovered that her status as an MBA student at Tsinghua made her a hot commodity.

“Being a graduate of Tsinghua is a golden ticket to probably any Chinese firm,” Angel smiles.

After her internship, Angel was hired as a full-time employee at Alibaba and became a show producer at Youku. She now works in meeting shows, music competitions and shows about young professionals similar to The Apprentice.

One of Angel’s rap music videos from 2018

The work ethic she gained at Tsinghua has been invaluable in her career at Youku and her MBA helped her get the job earlier in her career than she would otherwise have done, she says.

For aspiring MBA students who want to break into the entertainment sector, Angel says there are a range of jobs beyond being an actor or director that are suitable for MBA graduates. Marketing, analytics, finance, operations roles are all ideal for the MBA.

“[A TV show] requires so many different smart people; “Intelligent brains that can definitely be MBA with their business intelligence and sense of what is trending in China and in the world,” she says.

“Without an academic background or the Tsinghua brand, my journey from rap to becoming a show producer would not have been so smooth.”

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