Rockets select Jabari Smith Jr. third overall in 2022 NBA Draft

The 2022 NBA draft is here.

58 NBA hopefuls will announce their names after a full month of events, draft sweepstakes and draft combines. And the way the Brooklyn event got started tells us it’s only going to be so far always surprise us from here. The Orlando Magic picked Dukes Paolo Banchero with the No. 1 pick to start the night, even though they were generally expected to select Jabari Smith instead of this. Where did the Auburn forward end up?

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Jabari Smith was just drafted by the Rockets

After days of rumors and back and forth, the Rockets selected Jabari Smith Jr. third overall in the 2022 NBA draft. Smith was the clear “best player on the field” with elite shooting and elite defense. Choosing him is not just a certain Victory for the Rocketsbut it’s also great Supplement to Jalen Green.

Smith, on the other hand, needs to develop further a ball leader. If he really wants to grow as an NBA player, he has to do it thrive as a custom shot creator. Playing for Orlando would have put him on a team without a guard, which would have helped him overcome that shortcoming. But he’s on a team now that might have helped him a better future total.

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