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The Democratic primary for 145 of 203 seats in the Pennsylvania House of Representatives was held on May 17. Of the 145 seats up for election in 2022, 45 had a primary with more than one candidate.

In all contested Democratic primaries, candidates raised $5.1 million. Incumbents raised an average of $130,266 per candidate and challengers averaged $24,224 per candidate.

Five primaries with the most fundraising

The table below shows the top five Democratic primaries with the most fundraising in the House of Representatives. The names of the winners are in bold.

district money collected Official candidates
District 172 $1,107,101 Kevin Boyle (D) Kevin BoyleRobert Stewart and Nathanael Cheng
District 182 $369,792 Brian Sims (D) Benjamin WachsmannWill Gross, Jonathan Lovitz, Deja Alvarez and Tyrell Brown
District 194 $311,193 Pamela DeLissio (D) Tarik Khan and Pamela DeLissio
district 181 $272,521 Malcolm Kenyatta (D) Malcolm Kenyatta and Joy Crudup-Dorsey
district 10 $254,243 Amen Brown (D) Amen Brown, Cass Green and Sajda Blackwell

#1 District 172 – $1,107,101

Official Kevin Boyle $1,076,958, Robert Stewart $30,143 and Nathanael Cheng $0.

Kevin Boyle came to the general election with 67 percent of the vote, Robert Stewart received 33 percent of the vote, and Nathanael Cheng was disqualified.

#2 District 182 – $369,792

Jonathan Lovitz raised $203,844, Deja Alvarez raised $72,770, Benjamin Wachsmann raised $47,349, Will Gross raised $45,831 and Tyrell Brown raised $0.

Benjamin Wachsmann came into the general election with 41 percent of the vote, Will Gross received 20 percent of the vote, Jonathan Lovitz received 20 percent of the vote, Deja Alvarez received 19 percent of the vote and Tyrell Brown withdrew.

#3 District 194 – $311,193

Officiating Pamela DeLissio raised $27,488 and Tarik Khan Raised $283,705.

Tarik Khan came to the general election with 60 percent of the vote and Pamela DeLissio received 40 percent of the vote.

#4 District 181 – $272,521

Official Malcolm Kenyatta raised $272,521 and Joy Crudup-Dorsey $0.

Malcolm Kenyatta advanced to the general election with 100 percent of the vote and Joy Crudup-Dorsey was disqualified.

#5 District 10 – $254,243

Acting Amen Brown raised $193,875, Cass Green $60,368 and Sajda Blackwell $0.

Amen Brown received 40 percent of the vote, Cass Green received 37.6 percent of the vote, and Sajda Blackwell received 22.4 percent of the vote.

The above data is based on campaign funding reports submitted to the Pennsylvania Department of State by active Pennsylvania PACs. Federal PACs are not required to report to state agencies. Transparency USA releases campaign finance data after key reporting deadlines. State or federal law may require applicants to submit additional reports.

report name Report due date
Yearbook 2021 (C7) 01/31/2022
2022 Preschool (C1) 05.04.2022
2022 Preschool (C2) 05/09/2022
2022 Post-Primary (C3) 06/20/2022
2022 Pre-General (C4) 9/22/2022
2022 Pre-General (C5) 10/31/2022
2022 Post-General (C6) 12/12/2022
Yearbook 2022 (C7) 02/01/2023

This article is a joint publication of Ballotpedia and Transparency USA, who are working together to provide information on campaign finance for state elections. Find out more about our work here.

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