Recovery Centers of America Appoints Distinguished Mental Health Experts for New Behavioral Health Strategy and Treatment Services

Before joining RCA, Dr. Un Chief Psychiatric Officer at Aetna/CVS and led the creation of Aetna’s extensive behavioral health program for the insurer’s more than 1 million healthcare providers nationwide. dr Un graduated from the University of Pennsylvania School of Medicine and completed his residency University of Pennsylvania Hospital.

“RCA’s vision for integrated behavioral health services is accessible, accurate, and personalized,” said Dr. U.N. “World-class mental health care requires precision in diagnosis, treatment planning and delivery. All three elements must be aligned to meet the patient where they are with their recovery needs and their willingness to change.”

joining dr. Un, Dr. Peter Vernig, has been named Vice President of Mental Health Services. dr Vernig will oversee the expansion of mental health care across the organization, including ambulatory, inpatient and digital health. Before joining RCA, Dr. Vernig Chief Clinical Officer at Friends Hospital in Philadelphiathe oldest private psychiatric hospital in the country.

dr Vernig is well known in the field of mental health and has lectured extensively on the treatment of mental illness, emerging health trends and modern behavioral health strategies.

“The focus of RCA’s mental health program is to provide effective and compassionate care for people living with mental illness in a structured program that meets the individual needs of patients,” said Dr. vernig “We have found that the need for mental health services is growing exponentially. This happened before the COVID pandemic, and the fear, isolation, and uncertainty of recent years has accelerated this trend. We have developed new RCA programs to help our patients take care of their mental health needs, whether they have a substance use disorder or not.

More than 44 million Americans suffer from some type of mental health disorder each year. To address the magnitude of this growing problem, Drs. Un and Vernig’s comprehensive structured mental health program is provided on an outpatient basis for patients with a wide range of mental illnesses. Evidence-based care is available for patients with bipolar, depressive, anxiety, trauma, personality disorders, and many other mental illnesses who present with a variety of symptoms.

“Symptoms and signs of mental illness are really difficult for a layperson to recognize,” explained Dr. U.N. “Very often it develops slowly, in a way that feels like it’s just stress or I’m just adjusting to a relationship issue. When we start noticing that we don’t relate to others the way we used to, our sleep patterns, energy and appetite changes, or whether we’re not just functioning well at school or work , these are all signs and symptoms that we could benefit from an assessment.” Watch video of Dr Un’s comments here.

As with RCA treatment for substance use disorders, mental health care is affordable and covered by many private insurers in the network.

RCA’s new outpatient mental health treatment program is available now Pennsylvania and in Indiana, with additional programming expected across the RCA network this year. Care is available with highly trained psychiatrists, therapists, and counselors who are able to treat patients in their homes or dormitories across the state through virtual care, hybrid options, as well as in person at designated locations.

dr Un and Vernig also oversee successful inpatient RCA programs for the treatment of mental disorders co-existing with SUD. Dubbed the Balance program, this treatment option is available at many RCA inpatient and outpatient treatment centers across the country and has been highly acclaimed by patients and families across the RCA network. The program uses Dialectical Behavioral Therapy to address patient needs. “So many people who are recovering from drugs and alcohol are also living with the challenges of mental illness. This can make it harder to stay healthy long-term. By focusing on both, we aim to treat not only the symptoms of a patient’s substance use disorder, but also the source,” said Dr. Vernig.


Recovery Centers of America is dedicated to helping patients achieve a life of recovery through evidence-based alcohol and drug addiction treatment and mental health care. RCA has ten inpatient treatment facilities in The United States in Pennsylvania, Maryland, New Jersey, Massachusetts, Indianaand Illinois. RCA also has outpatient programs located near all inpatient facilities and centers that offer drug-for-addiction (MAT) treatment programs New Jersey (including Somerdale, Camden County, Trentonand wooden bridge) and Pennsylvania (Landsdowne), RCA also offers telemedicine treatment services. Patients can call 1-800-RECOVERY for immediate mental health and substance use disorder treatment.

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