Ravenbound is a New Fantasy Roguelike Game from Avalanche Studios Rumor

Earlier this week, rumors surfaced about a new game from Avalanche Studios, known from Just Cause and Mad Max, only this game sounds completely different. The third-person fantasy roguelike is rumored to be called Ravenbound: Tales of Avált, and now a few blurry images seem to have lent more weight to the rumours.

The rumors surrounding Avalanche Studios

The upcoming game from Avalanche Studios is currently titled Jackdaw according to rumors first reported by eXputer. However, the third-person fantasy roguelike is expected to be called Ravenbound: Tales of Avált by the time of release. The game takes place in a medieval world called Avalt and the blurry images shared by Twitter user Rebs Gaming seem to back up this information.

Gameplay is described as “Dead Cells but Open World” in which players assume their role as “Vessel of the Raven” defeating enemies invading the world. The ship gets its name from the ability to transform into a raven to explore the land, spot enemies and judge their difficulty. If a player dies, they must start over as one of three ship types. It is reported that each of the three ship types has different abilities and weapons, indicated by three trait cards for culture, weapon, and a unique trait. New maps can be gained by leveling up, while loot stolen from enemy settlements can be used to buy and upgrade more maps. The game is reported to have a live service seasonal structure, with new quests, enemies, and rewards being added monthly.

The developer also turns on Contraband Open world co-op game for Xbox consoles. This is set in the fictional world of Bayan, which is more like a 1970s smugglers’ paradise and not to be confused with this rumor game. Avalanche has not made any comments yet.

Also, The Texas Chain Saw Massacre is a new asymmetric multiplayer game coming to PS5 and PS4. Elsewhere, new PS5 covers are now available in Starlight Blue, Nova Pink and Galactic Purple.

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