Ranking 3 biggest NBA Draft busts in Spurs history

There were many jewels in the NBA draft, whether it was a lottery pick or a late draft steal. The San Antonio Spurs have had success over the years finding underrated players who have helped them amass loads of hardware. With a lot of talent expecting to make it to the NBA, it’s hard to say if the player who gets drafted will do the way people expect.

The Spurs have three first-round picks and are looking to bring youthful firepower to their team in the upcoming 2022 NBA draft. Spurs have drafted well over time, although the last time they got the first pick was in 1997. San Antonio brought in Tim Duncan that year, resulting in five NBA championships.

However, not all players can live up to the hype. Some end up being decent role-players and a few are labeled “busts”. A handful of them don’t even get a chance to step onto an NBA court. Spurs are no exception as they have had an abundance of draftees and some of them have been disappointing.

We’ll start with a recent pick that ended up having too wide a reach that never paid off.

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