Primary Election 2022 guide for Berks County Pennsylvania voters

May 11 – Berks County voters will go to the polls or cast their ballots by Tuesday, May 17.

The registration period for the postal vote has expired.

All ballots must be received by May 17 at 8 p.m.

They may be mailed by voters or handed in to one of two mailboxes: the Berks County Services Center, 633 Court St., 1st Floor, Reading, or the Berks County Agricultural Center, 1238 County Welfare Road in Bern Township (Leesport mailing address ).

Those who received a mail-in ballot can instead vote in person by dropping off a provisional ballot at their polling station.

Pennsylvania residents can find their voting location by entering their address online with the Pennsylvania Department of State,

Reading residents can vote on two election questions regardless of their party affiliation.

Political reporter Karen Shuey has penned a series of articles about the 2022 primary.

Here are the main candidates running to represent Berks in Congress.

Here are the prime candidates to represent Berks in Harrisburg

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Also here are the candidates running for the US Senate, Governor and Congress in the Pennsylvania primary.

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