Platypus Finance Brings Unbiased NFT Minting on Avalanche

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NFT owners and dealers alike have had their issues with NFT minting: it’s not fair minting to begin with. The minting method of most projects is off-chain, making them vulnerable to corruption and exploitation. Generated and stored NFT content and metadata is off-chain, making it vulnerable to data loss.

On-chain random generation mining with Platypus Finance

Platypus Finance is pioneering a solution to this controversial phenomenon in the Avalanche ecosystem. They are the first to develop an on-chain random generation minting method for NFT on Avalanche. This brought fairness, transparency and user safety to the process of minting NFTs.

There are some NFTs that are more valuable than others. NFTs with DeFi utilities have an even greater advantage as the rarity of the minted NFT determines how much its owner will benefit. Without transparency and true randomization, the process can be corrupted. Certain individuals will primarily benefit from minting the rarest NFTs, while the public will mint the more common ones.

Platypus FinanceThe coining process of embodies its values ​​and priority, which is its very own user base. With on-chain random generation, everyone has an equal chance to get the best NFTs without bias, favoritism, and inequality.

Platypus NFTs are called Platypus Heroes. In essence, Platypus Heroes amplify the performance of agricultural profit liquidity investors in exciting ways. Heroes are born with a unique combination of body parts and enthusiasm. Some of them always look excited, while others have a milder demeanor. Some heroes love blings and some even have their own vices.

Platypus heroes consist of randomly generated attributes for eyes, mouth, body, skin, tail, and accessories. Each attribute corresponds to a score and when added together result in a total score that determines the class of the NFT. There are 5 different class tiers ranging from common to legendary – basically the higher the class, the rarer it is.

Platypus heroes have powers. They boost liquidity mining performance and give LPs an edge on the platform. There are only 10,000 Platypus Heroes on sale. There is a lot of excitement in the community about the official launch in June 2022.

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