Pistons trade shakes up the lottery

NBA Commissioner Adam Silver (Photo by Arturo Holmes/Getty Images)

The 2022 NBA draft is shaping up to be a wild draft, with teams like the Detroit Pistons rumored to be looking for trades in the lottery, potentially to step up and bring Jaden Ivey alongside Cade Cunningham.

Without a clear consensus and much argument over who are the best players outside of the top 3, the 2022 NBA draft could see many moves, although in the past we’ve only said this to keep the lottery going to zero.

This year, I’m not even sure what that would look like outside of the top-3, and teams like OKC, Detroit, Sacramento, Portland, and New Orleans could all be looking to swap places.

So let’s take a look at some possibilities in the 2022 NBA Draft lottery.

2022 NBA Mock Draft: Picks 1-3

The one area of ​​the 2022 NBA draft where I don’t think we’ll see any movement is in the top-3, as most believe there are three guys who made it to the top and all to the Passing teams that do have a chance to grab them.

#1: Jabari Smith to Orlando Magic

#2: Chet Holmgren to OKC Thunder

#3: Paolo Banchero to the Houston Rockets

It would be a surprise if the top three from this year’s draft were any different as these three are widely considered to be the best prospects and are all fit.

The magic needs more shots to overwhelm their talented guards. The Thunder could use both Holmgren’s rim protection and 3-point shooting, and the Rockets have to drool at the thought of Jalen Green and Banchero being a match as they could end up with one of the most explosive offenses in the league.

But after those three picks things get interesting, starting with the kings.

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