Paid fire service; 1960s mystery; rare night-sky event: Good Morning, Pennsylvania

What you need to know: Thursday 23 June 2022

High: 74; Low: 63. Rain.

picture of the Day

Catch a glimpse of the central Pennsylvania sky as the iconic red-and-white Pride of the Susquehanna riverboat sails down the river. Jimmie Brown |

Companies on the fringes: Even with months between hits, the Harrisburg Shopkeeper Killer was good and getting better: more efficient, deadlier.

Almost caught: In 1963, family and investigators hoped that a Harrisburg grocer who survived a headshot would be able to identify a repeat mugger.

Near home: Someone killed and robbed shopkeepers in the early 1960s. Among them: the Dauphin District Attorney’s uncle, who owned a shoe shop.

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money ban: Lawmakers have reached a tentative deal to squeeze private money out of electoral administration. It would increase state funding for the district electoral offices.

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Voter turnout: The primary elections in 2022 in Pa. set turnout records as more Democrats and Republicans voted than in any midterm election in 25 years.

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Paid fire service: Paxtang will contract with the Municipality of Swatara for fire service service, rejecting an offer from Harrisburg. Paxtang, which has a shortage of volunteer firefighters, will pay the Swatara Fire Department $25,000 annually through 2028.

Special sight: Tomorrow morning all five planets visible to the naked eye and the moon will line up in an arc across the night sky.

Police news

Rape allegation: A 66-year-old man who worked at a residential facility contracted by Dauphin County Children & Youth raped a mentally challenged girl, authorities said.

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Most Wanted: A man accused of killing a Cumberland County barber shop owner is among America’s 15 most wanted people after more than a year on the run.

Triple Fatal Crash: Three people were killed in an accident in Adams County yesterday, police said, and other occupants of the vehicle were seriously injured.

help teenagers: A fundraiser has been launched to support an elderly Mechanicsburg baseball player awaiting a heart transplant.

Gone too early: Former Baltimore Ravens defensive tackle Tony Siragusa has died at the age of 55. The team also lost linebacker/defensive end Jaylon Ferguson, who was found dead at the age of 26. The causes of death were not disclosed.

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