Oz, Fetterman already drawing campaign battle lines

Another attack DeMarco anticipates is one Fetterman has had on a regular basis for years — he was unpaid as mayor of Braddock, and his reliance on family funds during that time is well-documented.

“I don’t think John has ever had a job in the private sector. The knock on him is that he was a trust fund baby,” DeMarco said. “And then you have Oz… Here’s a guy who was a well-known cardiothoracic surgeon and invented a medical device that saved the lives of many people and helped make him a wealthy individual.”

GOP political adviser Samuel Chen also expects Oz and Republicans to attack Fetterman for being slow to disclose his full diagnosis following the stroke he suffered before the primary. That, along with attacks on Fetterman’s left-wing politics, his professional career, and the now-famous incident in which Fetterman mistakenly assumed an unarmed black man was responsible for shooting in Braddock and held him at gunpoint, likely becomes the bulk of GOP attacks make out , predicted Chen.

“I think the challenge for Oz is to really care about politics,” Chen said. “He’ll portray Fetterman as far left and out of touch, but Oz isn’t exactly a political guy. Throughout the campaign, you can see that he doesn’t go into details. You can paint Fetterman on the far left, but what are you going to do?

He said Fetterman’s likely approach to a race with Oz seems comparatively obvious.

“It’s just that Oz isn’t from around here,” Chen said. “He’s from Turkey, he lives in New Jersey, he recorded it [a syndicated TV show] in New York and he’s running in Pennsylvania… It’s a smart move. You don’t have to isolate anyone — independents, Democrats, or Republicans.”

When Oz emerged victorious in a razor-thin pre-match against former hedge fund CEO Dave McCormick last week, Democrat strategists were already eager to try the attack.

“The people of the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania are not fooled,” said Bob Brady, chairman of the Philadelphia Democratic Committee and party heavyweight, at a news conference last week. “You won’t be fooled by a carpet hauler coming out of California kissing a star on the floor.”

For Brady, the duel is good for his party. “We’re just glad it’s happening,” he said.

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