Ostrich Pillow Go Neck Pillow: Why it is an ideal travel companion


Anyone who has ever tried to sleep on a plane knows that it is not always easy. While there are some strategies for better sleep in an airplane, there are ultimately so many factors at play that it is never a consistent experience. Between snoring roommates, sub-freezing temperatures (or baking) and bright cab lights, I always come across a number of reasons to stay upstairs. Perhaps the most challenging scenario of all is when I’m stuck in an alley or middle seat that doesn’t allow me to lean when I’m trying (unsuccessfully) to fall asleep.

Although I have tried several neck pillows purchased at airport kiosks over the years, none of them worked to support my head as I tried to take a nap. Instead, I constantly moved my position, with the pillow between my head and seat providing almost no bumper. And in case I fell asleep, it took a short time, because I fell for a few minutes.

So when I was planning a recent trip to Mexico, I decided to give up Ostrich Pillow Go Neck Pillow whirlpool. More charming and sleeker than the others I’ve tried, Go Neck comes from the manufacturer original napkin-like pillow which, when launched in 2012, experienced a lot of fuss for its unique – and very special – packaging. With quite a few options in its portfolio, including a great eye mask and Lightweight versatile pillowOstrichpillow brand he knows one or two things about sleeping aids.

As I went on the flight, I was fascinated by the Go Neck Pillow. Although it’s not as disruptive as Original sleeping pillow from Ostrichpillow, Go Neck Pillow is more subtle. It looks like a firm but fluffy wavy brace. When the day of the trip arrived, I boarded the flight from New York – Kennedy (JFK) at 6:00, while I did not expect me to take a nap, and to my horror, that’s exactly what happened.

A great travel companion for better sleep during the flight

Ostrichpillow Go Neck Pillow is a solid option to support the head and neck when traveling. Unlike traditional U-shaped neck pillows, it offers a soft outer surface and solid memory foam support. We loved its travel size and full 360-degree neck support for in-flight napping.


Here’s the thing about travel pillows: some are soft but not supportive, while others are supportive but not soft. The Go Neck Pillow it denies this standard by being both. It is wrapped in a silky soft fabric resembling jersey made of a mixture of viscose and elastomer, which is also removable and machine washable. Inside, the pillow is made of high-density memory foam, which is designed to store the neck and head and prevent it from bouncing.

Unlike the traditional U-shaped travel pillow, which has a gap in the front of the neck, the Go Neck pillow offers full 360-degree support. The ergonomic design sees one side of the pillow higher and one lower, which is great to lean into the pillow like when you sleep on your side at home. The pillow is attached with a long Velcro strap, which allows partial adjustment of the cut with necks of different widths and lengths.

While Go Neck Pillow is usually one of the most discussed highlights and offers the highest level of support, it is also a great choice for frequent travelers. When you finish using the pillow during the flight, the memory foam is compressed to 60% of its size, allowing you to easily store it in the included travel bag for easy transport.

Ostrich pillow


How did I pass this pillow on a flight to Mexico? It is true that the first time you attach a pillow around your neck, you need to learn a little. It can be clumsy and clumsy until you find the perfect placement and tightness. But after a lot of laughter and more than a few selfie with my traveling companions, who all had their own Go Neck Pillows, we each came to their perfect location – and to our great surprise, we went to the land of dreams.

Despite different heights, widths and lengths of the neck and sleep preferences, all six of us slept well Go Neck Pillow. We agreed that the ultra-soft fabric and memory foam support that supported our heads in all directions were the main reasons why we fell asleep (and stayed).

I especially liked how the front of the Go Neck Pillow created the perfect resting place for my chin, which resisted my attempts to fall into the middle of a nap. With the other neck pillows I tried, this lack of front support was a long-standing problem. And realize this: During this flight, I slept an incredible four hours, which is more than I’ve ever slept before. I arrived in Mexico fresh and ready for vacation.

Courtney Thompson

In addition to its effectiveness as a sleeping aid, Go Neck Pillow it is also easy to travel with. You can wrap the pillow around the pull-out handle of the luggage or put it in a practical bag with a string, which is part of the package. Don’t worry: It won’t take up too much space in your carry-on bag or rucksack, as it’s easily compressed to 60% of its size – a simple and efficient process.

I also like that, in addition to the two-year warranty that applies to any goods purchased directly through Ostrichpillow, the company also has a generous 100-day return policy. Because this pillow is not a cheap side of the travel tool – it costs about $ 60 – both of these principles in tandem bring peace to anyone who tries this pillow. If you are not completely satisfied with its comfort, send it back.

After testing Go Neck Pillow I myself firmly believe that it pays to invest $ 60. I am one of those rare travelers who have no worries about flying before the summer. But instead, I’m worried about a desperate desire – but I’ll never make it – to sleep on a plane. However, thanks to the Go Neck Pillow, anxiety is suppressed. I’m already looking forward to my next trip when I can sit in the middle seat and buckle up Go Neck Pillow, I close my eyes and fall asleep hard. Believe me, you will feel the same.

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