OKC Thunder get a franchise cornerstone in Chet Holmgren

The Oklahoma City Thunder have been preparing for the 2022 NBA draft for months and spent the past season worrying about development and draft position rather than winning games. After being rewarded with 2nd place overall in the NBA draft in the NBA draft lottery, Sam Presti had a choice of all prospects in the draft alongside Paolo Banchero, who went to Orlando. The OKC Thunder general manager, who has never failed to make the top five in the draft, picked Chet Holmgren, center from Gonzaga.

The Orlando Magic pulled off one of the best smokescreens in NBA history by keeping their top overall pick under wraps throughout the drafting process. Everyone believed that Auburn’s Jabari Smith Jr. would be the first draft pick in the 2022 NBA draft before the Magic drew a quick. With that, Sam Presti had to choose between Jabari Smith Jr. and Chet Holmgren. The Thunder did not change course, however, still with Chet Holmgren with the second pick.

The Oklahoma City Thunder picked the seven-foot-tall man who could revolutionize the sport. While Holmgren comes with a few red flags, mainly its frame, this is an example of trusting Sam Presti, who was perfect at picking the top of the designs.

Chet Holmgren shot 40 percent from long range as a newcomer to Gonzaga while delivering coast-to-coast ball handling with no rebounds, top-notch shot blocking, fantastic off-ball defense and an air of playmaking not seen in such big men .

Weighing 7’0 and 195 pounds, fans worried about what his game will be like, but he plays exactly how the Thunder want him to in their quick five-shot grab-and-go system .

Oklahoma City fans will get their first glimpse of Chet Holmgren during the NBA Summer League beginning July 5, when the team takes on the Jazz to open the Salt Lake City circuit.

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