nobody movie_Why the community killed beloved supporting character Star-Burns


No one thought Dan Harmon would ever work on Community again. People don’t just get rehired after they’re fired. But he did, and perhaps as a show of support for his sidekick Dan, Stamatopoulos somehow agreed to reprise the role of Star-Burns and rejoined the series in the third episode of the season. While searching for the campus threat, the ace crack bandit (an infamous person who slips quarters into people’s cracks when they bend over), the character is revealed to be living in the inexplicable stables behind Greendale, where he’s driving a cat sled builds . (I sound absolutely confused as I explain this show.) After Star-Burns is cleared of suspicion that he was the bandit, Star-Burns returns to his rightful place as a guy who occasionally appears in a “community” Episode pops up to do something fun.

Star-Burns is just one of many returning cast members who bring a real sense of place and, well, community to Greendale. They have Garrett, Leonard, Vicki, Magnitude (Pop! Pop!), Fat Neil, Officer Cacowski and more. When one of them wasn’t pacing the hallways or filling the classrooms, you could sense something was missing. Star-Burns was part of the show whether Dino Stamatopoulos liked it or not. Thankfully, he agreed to give up his character’s death and return because the school’s entire ecosystem needed him, especially since the main cast dropped in the last two seasons. Oddly enough, he was a grounding force, even when he shows up in the red Zardoz underwear. He may have hated it, but we loved him for it.

Dino also founded Stamatopoulos with Dan Harmon, Joe Russo, James Fino and “He finishesCo-director Duke Johnson, whom they called Starburns Industries. So he must have assumed it at least a little bit to justify that.

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