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To the surprise of no one but Sony, disease is one of the biggest failures in the superhero genre. After a A worldwide gross of just $156.6 millionthat second-lowest audience score in Marvel historyand a ridiculously poor reception among criticsThings are at an all-time low for Sony’s Spider-Man universe despite the success of poison and Venom: Let there be carnage.

Despite the recent failure, Sony is pushing ahead with its universe of Spider-Man spin-offs, which is now being developed into solo films Kraven the Hunter, Mrs. Netzand The deadon top of a third installment in the poison franchise. But after the recent failure of disease, who knows what the future holds for Jared Leto’s heroes.


Although at the time of writing disease is not even a month old – as it only hit theaters on April 1st – the digital release date seems to have been announced.

Morbius confirms the digital release date


Popular insider Amit Chaudhari reported Twitter – via the India Ticket website book my show – that Jared Letos disease will be released on digital platforms on Thursday 19 May.

Does Morbius have a wonderful future?

disease The May 19 digital release — according to this listing, at least — comes 48 days after its theatrical release and roughly aligns with that average 45 day window followed by most studios since the beginning of the pandemic. This is just the beginning disease‘ Post-release journey when it comes to Blu-ray before it finally strikes Netflix and Disney+.


The forthcoming digital release will end and mark a disastrous box office run disease as one of the biggest failures in Sony history. After spending $75 million to produce the Marvel flick, not including marketing costs, which were believed to be high given the two-year delays, disease it may well be that Sony has lost money overall.

The vampire epic failed to do justice to the box office success and positive fan reception of both poison Movies, Is Jared Leto’s Marvel Future In Doubt? Spring, 2nd disease is probably off the table unless Sony is willing to take a big risk to continue this story, but that doesn’t mean Leto can’t return in a supporting role in other Spider-Man spin-offs.

The post-credits scenes from disease teased a future for the vampire hero as Michael Keaton’s Vulture came from the MCU and recruited Jared Leto’s Marvel legend for whatever team he might form, presumably the Sinister Six.


Whenever Sony inevitably tries to unite Venom, Morbius, Kraven, El Muerto and Madame Web, there’s a good chance Leto will reprise his role, but perhaps his Marvel future isn’t quite as bright as once envisioned.

disease is in theaters now and will be released digitally on Thursday 19th May.


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