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Mar 29, 2022 at 5:09 p.m

“Nobody Like U” has officially topped songs from the likes of Toy Story and Coco.

4*townees gather. ‘No one like you’ out To redden is the first Pixar original song to ever chart on the Hot 100.

We all know Disney is responsible for a lot of bops. From ‘Let It Go’ in Frozen into ‘How Far I’ll Go’ Moiana, every Disney musical blesses us with several iconic songs. just recently, charm made Billboard history by beating Aladdin’s “A Whole New World” and becoming the longest-charting number 1 song from a Disney film with “We don’t talk about Bruno”.

But what about Disney’s animation studio Pixar? To redden‘s fictional boy band 4* city just made Pixar history.

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Turning Red's 4*Town makes history as Nobody Like U becomes Pixar's first original Hot 100 hit

Turning Red’s 4*Town makes history as Nobody Like U becomes Pixar’s first original Hot 100 hit.

Image: Disney+

Today (March 29) Billboard updated their weekly charts and 4*Town’s “Nobody Like U” officially debuted at #50 on the Hot 100. “Nobody Like U” is the first original song from a Pixar film to ever chart in the United States. It tops popular Pixar classics like You’ve Got a Friend In Me. toy story and ‘Remember Me’ coconut.

The only other Pixar song to previously dent the Hot 100 is Rascal Flatts’ 2005 cover of Tom Cochrane’s 1991 single “Life Is a Highway.” The song was recorded for Pixars cars Soundtrack and it was also included in the Rascal Flats Number 1 album me and my gang. The popular cover reached #7 on the Billboard Hot 100.

Based on the popularity of To redden and 4*Town, it’s possible that Nobody Like U will surpass Life Is a Highway.

Who are the real singers in 4*Town?

4*Town could be a fictional band in To redden that Mei and her friends are stan, but each member is played by a real singer. Disney legend Jordan Fischer plays Robaire, hit producer Finneas plays Jesse, formerly X factor Star Josh Levi plays Aaron Z, Christmas carol challenge Contestant Grayzon Villanueva plays Tae Young and newcomer Topher Ngo plays Aaron T.

Nobody Like U was co-written by Finneas and his sister, the superstar Billie Eilish, along with 4*Town’s other two original songs: ‘U Know What’s Up’ and ‘1 True Love’. The campaign to make “Nobody Like U” a #1 single starts now.

What’s your favorite Pixar song?

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