nobody movie_Tom Cruise makes our reporter swoon at the Top Gun: Maverick premiere in Japan

Maverick comes to town, complete with fireworks and hand hearts.

Top Gun: Maverick is finally hitting theaters in Japan today, 36 years after the original top gun made the audience swoon lonerthe naval pilot played by Tom cruise in the movie.

Our Japanese-speaking reporter Tasuku Egawa never fell head over heels in love with Tom Cruise as an actor, but he’s been a Top Gun fan since he was in elementary school. So he jumped at the chance to be there the press conference in Japan this weekand despite his best intentions in resisting Cruise’s charms, he eventually walked away as the star’s biggest fan.

▼ What have you been doing for the last 36 years, Maverick?

The press conference took place on Tokyo Midtown at Roppongi on May 23, the day before the red carpet event at Osanbashi, the international passenger ship terminal Yokohama. Cruise should have a say at the press conference Jerry Brueckheimerthe producer behind both top gun Movies that Cruise has previously considered his “wingman“.

Egawa arrived early to secure a seat near the stage where the two Hollywood heavyweights would perform, and as they took the spotlight, they were met with thunderous applause.

Suppresses his desire to interrupt the press conference a joke about the cat and mouse characters Tom and Jerry, our reporter snapped a few photos of the couple, and he could have sworn Cruise was staring straight at him.

However, Egawa was here to get more background on the film and wasn’t interested in being carried away by the Hollywood fanfare.

▼ So he listened carefully to what they had to say.

Cruise’s passion for filmmaking and his constant consideration for the audience during the production of Top Gun: Maverick was clear throughout the press conference.

Speaking about what he wanted audiences to see when watching the film, Cruise became animated and said:

▼ “We hope that once they have their place in the cinema, they will only use the margins.”

Cruise’s audience-centric approach to filmmaking began to stir something in Egawa’s film-loving soul. And as the star laughed onstage, Egawa couldn’t help but feel like he was starting to fall in love with the guy.

And then Cruise turned and suddenly looked over at Egawa. Once those eyes locked on his, it was over. Egawa was now a die-hard Tom Cruise fan.

At that moment it was as if no one else existed in the room. In reality, however, the room was packed with press and photographers and it was time for Tom and Jerry to get up and say goodbye to the stage.

The two stopped to chat about something during the photoshoot, perhaps thinking their posing duties for the cameras were over, but they soon turned back to the sea of ​​cameras for one last pose before they left the stage.

Tom bowed, Egawa’s heart melted like the hearts of many in the room, and Cruise waved at the end, which Egawa liked to think was just for him.

▼ This hand heart is obviously intended for Egawa as well.

It’s been four years since Cruise last visited Japan, and Egawa is now hoping it won’t be long before the star graces our shores again.

▼ A final wave from Cruise to our fanboy Egawa.

Egawa had fallen in love with Cruise at the press conference and didn’t pass up the opportunity to meet him on the red carpet the next day. So he lined up early, camera in hand, waiting for the star to arrive.

▼ Looks like Cruise is specially designed for Egawa.

Egawa’s heart skipped a beat when Cruise took off his sunglasses to reveal those baby blues. Or were they baby green? Whatever the color, they were hauntingly beautiful.

Cruise was ebullient with fans as they expressed their love and admiration, and he was generous with his affection, pausing to place his hand in one half of a love heart to match the hand of a fan taking a picture .

▼ He even gave out some cute finger hearts.

It must feel weird for celebrities to look at the back of people’s heads while taking selfies these days.

Egawa felt slightly jealous of the other fans who got close enough to touch the star, though many refrained from doing so amid the ongoing pandemic.

But then Cruise went to the press area and in a moment it was like the actor recognized our boy Egawa.

▼ Egawa, is that you?

Cruise’s star power was so strong that Egawa instinctively raised her hand to wave to the star. Egawa immediately felt embarrassed, but he decided to shake off his embarrassment to enjoy this unique moment instead.

▼ “Tom, this is Egawa, your biggest fan!”

Egawa wanted to call the actor and share a personal moment with him, but chose to appear professional by giving him some leeway and taking photos remotely instead.

There was some consolation, however, when Egawa managed to share a moment with these three Japanese celebrities, who took a break from their duties as Cruise walked the red carpet.

▼ From left to right: voice actor Toshiyuki Morikawadubbing Cruise’s voice for Japanese versions of his films, Natsuko Todawho has been interpreting for Tom for many years, and Japanese model, TV personality and MC Harry Sugiyama.

▼ The next best thing to Tom Cruise.

From start to finish, Cruise spent more than an hour and a half on the red carpet for his fans, proving why he’s known as one of the nicest guys in Hollywood. By the time the finale came around, the sun had set by the time Tom and Jerry made their way onto the stage.

Tom’s fantastic fan service meant the event was now working overtime but no one complained. In fact, the two foreign guests were on their way to see a special screening of Top Gun: Maverick with fans at the Toho cinemas at Hibiya in Tokyo, so Egawa was surprised they still had time to speak on stage.

Quiet, This is the guy for whom no mission is impossible, so Cruise had no problem cramming that much into his schedule. After speaking to the crowd for a while, the event drew to a close, but not before a Fireworks illuminates the sky.

It was a memorable evening and a fitting way to celebrate the arrival of Top Gun: Maverick in Japan. During his performance, Cruise announced that he plans to return to Japan for the premiere of Mission: Impossible – Dead Reckoning Part One next summer.

▼ The trailer for this film was shared on Cruise’s official Twitter account while he was in Japan.

And if you want to see the full video from the Tokyo press conference where Cruise stole Egawa’s heart, check out the hour-long clip below.

▼ Sayonara, Tom! And a big hand heart back from our reporter Egawa!

It may be Sayonara for now, but Egawa hopes that next time Cruise comes to Japan he can meet the handsome socialite for a face-to-face meeting. So if you’re reading this, Tom, email us! We promise we won’t embarrass ourselves again like when we sat down with Keanu Reeves.

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